Top 30 Experiences Before I Turn 30

Because life is all about experiences I tramp the perpetual journey. My life is a collection of beautiful experiences. And since life’s short and unpredictable, I don’t waste any opportunities for deep, blissful experiences. I tramp the perpetual journey. My signs are nomadic freedom and openness of the mind. No friend of mine takes his … Read more

My Treks in the Western Himalayas

Solo Trekking the Himalayas & A Tribute to John Muir. “The mountains are calling and I must go.” ― John Muir We are wired to move. ’ve always been nomads. That’s how it was meant to be. That’s also why we often experience the irresistible urge to travel and explore. Most of us caught up in … Read more

My first illegal border crossing experience

Because borders exist only in our minds… My thoughts on one of my most thrilling experience, ever. Nothing to Declare… No custom offices, no biometrics.  No stamped identities, no bags. Just walking the earth as it was meant to be. Without luggage, tickets or tags. 15.04.2019 It was 15th April 2019, comfortably cold early morning in … Read more

Ăn Tết in Vietnam Like a Local

My first experience celebrating the lunar new year Celebrations begin many days before the first day of the new year and usually start with a lot of cleaning, followed by many ceremonies, visiting relatives, eating, drinking and exchanging gifts and loads of lucky money! Before we start celebrating, let’s learn about this lunar calendar thing. … Read more