The Ultimate Guide to Vietnam

This is the ultimate guide of everything I learned about life and travel in Vietnam. PART 1: VIETNAM TRAVEL Vietnam is an easy country to navigate. You can either start from the South and work your way up to the North or the other way round. I prefer starting from the North. If you’re going … Read more

Ăn Tết in Vietnam Like a Local

My first experience celebrating the lunar new year Celebrations begin many days before the first day of the new year and usually start with a lot of cleaning, followed by many ceremonies, visiting relatives, eating, drinking and exchanging gifts and loads of lucky money! Before we start celebrating, let’s learn about this lunar calendar thing. … Read more

Why I love the Vietnamese cuisine

Here’s the thing: Vietnamese food is not my favorite just because it looks great or tastes great. Above all that, I love how it has maintained the traditional philosophies of the cuisine over time. Any Vietnamese dishes include five fundamental taste senses, what are called ngũ vị: spicy (metal) sour (wood) bitter (fire) salty (water) sweet (earth) This is corresponding … Read more

Vietnam Food Guide for Vegetarians and Vegans

Vietnamese Food Guide for Vegetarians and Vegans This is not your usual ‘Vegetarian food guide for Vietnam’.  I am not going to talk about the best Vegan and Vegetarian restaurants in Saigon or Hanoi. You can HappyCow that kind of information. This guide is for the true explorer. Because when you go off the beaten … Read more