These 25 Productivity Principles Have Transformed my Life

FOCUS is the most important word.


  1. Zen. Practice learned minimalism.
  2. 80/20 rule. 80% output comes from 20% efforts.
  3. Focus only the 20% clients, projects, things, clothes, friends, apps.
  4. Deep Work. Understand the difference between deep work and shallow work.
  5. Outsource or Assign the shallow work and focus on the deep work.
  6. Have daily deep work sessions along with one 4-day deep work long weekend each month. Go Airplane Mode for these sessions.
  7. Choose the same place each time for the 4-day long weekend deep work session.
  8. No-distractions. Setup distraction-free environments for the daily deep work sessions.
  9. Reach the state of FLOW in work. Easiest to reach this state in the early morning hours.
  10. Think. Think deeply about everything especially before making any decision.
  11. Use the morning 20/20/20 rule for the first hour of the day first 20 minutes movement next 20 minutes goal setting and last 20 minutes learning.
  12. Use the 90/90/1 rule for the next 90 days and the first 90 minutes of the work day focus on the 1 most important project which will help you significantly change the course of life.
  13. Single-screen apps rule. Keep only the apps which can fit on a single home screen. Delete all others.
  14. Schedule distractions including email, social media, whatsapp, texts on the calendar 4–5 times a day.
  15. No-notifications Rule. Turn all notifications except calls off from the phone throughout the day and check them only during the scheduled distraction times.
  16. Quit depressants and suppressants like Alcohol. Follow the one-drink rule for occasional events.
  17. BIW. Focus on the skills to be Best In World at. It’s better than being good at everything.
  18. 10k. Walk 10,000 steps a day. Each day.
  19. Replace diet and exercise with nutrition and training. Long-term lifestyle changes are better than short term sprints of fitness.
  20. Get a massage every week.
  21. Daily Headspace sessions for meditation and mindfulness.
  22. Work only on the 3 most important tasks each workday. This is better than the never-ending todo list approach.
  23. Get the 5 AM Advantage. Wake up at 5 AM everyday.
  24. Focus music. Use classical music as a tool to achieve focus.
  25. Every moment, think what makes the most sense to do right now. If you’re doing something else, switch right away.

Do nothing which is of no use.

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