51 Life Lessons from 2018

A better life, every day.


1. Daily habits are the secret to long term success.

2. It’s all about the mindset.

3. Never miss a chance to see the sunrise or sunset.

4. Short-term goals over long-term goals.

5. Death is Real. And it will happen to all of us.

6. Life is all about the present moment.

7. Walking is the secret to great ideas.

8. Ignorance over complaining. Action over ignorance.

9. Create airplane-mode deep work environments to do your best work.

10. Fitness leads to greatness in all other areas of life.

11. Drinking 3L of water everyday.

12. Walking 10k steps everyday.

13. Early mornings are goldmines.

14. Classical music is a secret tool for deep work.

15. Do everything mindfully.

16. Fewer projects, more focus.

17. Fewer clients, more revenue.

18. Entertainment is for losers.

19. Learning is for winners.

20. Fewer things, more experiences.

21. Life is void — Fill it.

22. Green vegetables for every meal.

23. Experiences over bucket list.

24. Change often, Change well.

25. Ignore the naysayers.

26. No work-for-work’s sake.

27. Work for the state for FLOW.

28. Habits over todo lists.

29. Processes over Goals.

30. Habits over Will Power.

31. Create Habit Triggers and Habit Stacks.

32. Read everyday. Non-fiction.

33. No more shallow meetings.

34. No more newsfeeds.

35. No more notifications.

36. No shallow social media.

37. No more hustle-for-hustle’s sake.

38. No more money-for-money’s sake.

39. Money is a tool. Nothing more.

40. Travel can be cheap. Even free.

41. Build your small army.

42. Financial independence over retirement.

43. The entire human civilisation is a very short affair.

44. The planet doesn’t need us to save it.

45. Location independence. No emotions about a fixed home.

46. Food is to maintain the body heat — Not for Instagram.

47. Stay close to nature as much as possible.

48. Stay away from cities as much as possible.

49. Alcohol is poison.

50. Respect Gods but don’t rely on them for anything.

51. Do not fear death. You won’t know you’re dead once you’re dead.

…And you’ll be dead soon.

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