Sugarcane Heaven & Beautiful Cafe in Hoa Binh Vietnam

It was early morning and I was ready to continue my drive to Mai Chau.I had started from Ninh Binh on my semi-automatic ‘Wave’ motorbike.I wasn’t hungry and decided to make a quick stop to get the Vietnamese ‘Ca Phe Sua ‘.I happened to cross this little sugarcane Heaven on the way.The feel of crossing the sugarcane fields is just amazing.Location: Ân Nghĩa, Lạc Sơn District, Hoa Binh, VietnamI was tempted to stop for some fresh sugarcane water but decided to continue my search for a beautiful cafe.And I found it soon after..The river view was a treat and so was the coffee..:)The owner is a friendly guy who also showed me around.He’s built a small trek upto the river with beautiful views.

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