Company Registration in Singapore Online: Tax friendly & Crypto friendly

Singapore Company Registration

You heard that right. Company registration in Singapore is unimaginably simple and can be done completely remotely within 3-4 working days. If you are exploring your options to expand your business or simply register your company in Singapore for its tax-friendly and crypto-friendly policies, this guide is for you. This is an outline of my … Read more

Top 5 Priorities In Life

life priorities

Our time is limited. And survival is no longer a pursuit. So, The question is what are we supposed to do with our time? A lot of people answer this question with “PURPOSE”. Assuming that you HAVE found your purpose, is that all you should be doing with your time? The answer, if you want … Read more

Why I Stopped Publishing On Medium

Why I Stopped Publishing On Medium

I have been published my content on Medium since 2015. And finally, I stopped publishing on Medium ( in 2020. Here are the reasons why I stopped: I was mostly contributing to Medium’s content database In the long-term, it’s always better to own your content, and don’t worry about ‘traffic’ received immediately soon as you … Read more

Top Brain Hacks To Boost Productivity

If you’re been reading my blog or following the mailers, you know I often talk about optimizing your routine and daily habits. But in this article, we will discuss another way to boost productivity: Brain hacks to optimize your brain. And it’s easier than you think. Treat this blog as a handy checklist and try … Read more

My Fitness Journey: The Complete Guide to Training, Nutrition and Recovery


“A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools.” Before we begin, let’s replace a few words in your “fitness” vocabulary: Replace TRANSFORMATION with JOURNEY Replace EXERCISE with TRAINING Replace DIET with NUTRITION Replace REST with RECOVERY If you already have the … Read more

Why I’m turning Pescetarian in 2020 after 29 years of Vegetarianism


Let’s define Pescetarianism before we get into this. For me, pescetarianism is predominantly vegetarian eating while supplementing with seafood when it’s fresh catch and locally available. – Rishabh Dev Here’s some background I was brought up as a vegetarian in an Indian brahmin family (not Bengali Brahmin) . In India, vegetarians usually consume dairy as … Read more

Featured in Hindustan Times

Rishabh’s interview was recently featured in Hindustan Times on 3 February 2018. The original article and interview have been published here. It was a great interview with Rishabh Dev, where he shared his noteworthy expertise in Growth Hacking with the nation and spread the word. Using data, creativity and analysis to focus on a single … Read more

The Real Indian Brain Drain

This blog is based on an idea by Akshay Bharadwaj. For several decade after independence, India faced a severe problem of brain drain — the exodus of talented individuals to developed countries. Most professionals who went abroad, assimilated into the life and culture of their host countries, and became the others in their own home. When … Read more