7 Key Takeaways on Design Thinking I learnt from Soham Mondal, Google for Startups

In this post, I will summarise design thinking by sharing the 7 key takeaways on Design Thinking. I learnt these from Soham Mondal, the design thinking mentor at Google for Startups. 1. Design thinking is a mindset to find practical solutions using a user-centred approach. Focus on the keywords mindset, practical solutions, and user-centred as … Read more

Side Project Ideas – The Ultimate List

side project ideas

Let’s share some side project ideas but first let me tell you this – I absolutely love side projects. 😻 Here’s why: Side projects are a great way to, fuel your entrepreneurial footprint, validate ideas, Side projects are also marketing tools and work as an alternative way to generate leads for your business and channels … Read more

75+ startup directories to submit your startup listing

Go beyond ProductHunt and submit your startup to these 75+ directors to drive traffic and boost visibility. I’ve ranked the directories and forums in the order of the value I’ve received by listing my startups or my client’s startups on the platforms. Startup directories are low-hanging fruits and are often not completely utilized by startups … Read more

One Metric That Matters (OMTM) in Growth Hacking


Growth hackers use a single number to design experiments around, stay focused, and cut through the noise. This number is the one metric that matters (OMTM) the most at the current stage of a startup. Let’s understand more about this OMTM by learning about the characteristics of the OMTM: The characteristics of the OMTM The … Read more

B2B Marketing Hack: How I scheduled meetings with 100+ decision-makers in 30 days on a ZERO budget


Well, Who doesn’t want 100 potential B2B clients for free? This is how I use B2B marketing hack: I was approached by a services company for a B2B marketing project to set up meetings with decision-makers of product companies as a consulting project. Note that I’m not a sales consultant – I’m a growth hacker. … Read more

The Ultimate On-Page SEO Checklist

Let’s go to SEO Checklist. But first, Are you ready to hit ‘publish’? Think again. Now that you’ve created amazing, unique content. It’s time for you to make sure it gets the love it deserves. Remember: Your content won’t get all the visibility just by being awesome. You have to make sure you follow SEO … Read more

Offbeat Channels for SEO Keyword Research


Looking for alternative ways to do your SEO keyword research? In this article, I will cover different tools you can use to find the right keywords for your content and digital marketing strategy. Let’s start with a fun fact: Only 20% of the targeting fills 80% of the marketing funnel. The rest 80% of the … Read more

Introducing The Validation Marketing Framework


Before you introduce your product, the validation marketing must be done first. And in this article you will have an introduction that can help you to know how. Startups need to stay lean & agile in everything they do. The business model has been replaced by the Lean Startup and the MVP. Validation is key to any new … Read more

Growth Hacking Q&A


I’ve answered some of the most common Growth Hacking questions on Quora. Here’s a collection some of my best answers on growth hacking. Enjoy! 1. What is Growth Hacker Marketing? Short Answer: Growth Hacking is finding who your target audience is, identifying where they hang out and targeting them using creative campaigns on these channels. Simple … Read more