The Offbeat Trek from Naddi to Kareri Village

Guide to an Offbeat trek in Himachal which no one does anymore.

Trek Details:

  • Starting Point: Naddi (Reach by road from Mcleodganj)
  • Last Point: Kareri Village
  • Time Required: Half Day (Start in the Morning)
  • Water Sources: 2 River Crossings
  • Food Sources: One small snack and tea shop available mid-way
  • 2-3 small villages on the way
  • Animals: Forest with Himalayan Bears on the way (Just before the 2nd river crossing)
  • Other Trekkers: Not many (due to the new road which is constructed between the 2 villages)
  • Total Distance: 7-8 kms
The sun rises - DHAULADHAR RANGE
The sun rises – DHAULADHAR RANGE

My Experience:

I reached Naddi village in the evening on 14.05.2019 and enjoyed the sunset.

The sunset - View from Naddi
The sunset – View from Naddi

The next morning, I started my trek from Naddi village to Kareri village.

I found myself alone on this trek as most people now use the new road connecting the two villages, thereby “transporting” themselves from one point to another, missing out on the experiences walking with nature.

Here are some pictures from the trek.

Crossing the stream - THE WOODEN BRIDGE
Crossing the stream – THE WOODEN BRIDGE
After the second stream - THE TADPOLE POND
After the second stream – THE TADPOLE POND

I met Shera, my new furry friend, halfway through my trek after which, we trekked together.

We trekked together, got lost together, and rested together. And when we used to get lost in the woods, we felt safe.

After around 7 km of the trail crossing through valleys and mountains, I reached Kareri Village.

I stayed at Maan Homestay in Kareri which I would recommend highly to anyone doing this trek or the Kareri Lake trek. Mr. Maan himself has been a trekker and has done many treks in the Himalayas.

More Tips:

  • Watch the sunset at Naddi and the next day, begin your trek from Naddi to Kareri Village. Take the longer and more beautiful route which goes through Gatedi village (It’s not too long; around 6–7 kms).
  • Don’t take the route which goes through Ghera.
  • After crossing Gatedi village, you’ll cross a beautiful river stream and continue your trek by crossing the mountain after the river, until you join the main road. Cross the road and continue in the mountain shortcuts to reach Kareri.
  • At Kareri village, stay at Maan Homestay. A very friendly family with great home food. Mr. Maan has been a trekker himself and has immense knowledge to share. Double rooms should be between INR 1000 to 1200 and it can be negotiated for a single person close to half the price.
  • Enjoy an evening in Kareri Village and go to the ‘Out Of the World’ cafe on the market road (the only road in the village) and enjoy some ginger tea with a very friendly cafe staff and owner.
  • Next morning, have breakfast at Maan Homestay (Mr. Maan’s wife cooks amazing food) and then start the Kareri Lake trek from the homestay (total distance: 11 kms). You can also ask her to pack lunch for the way or to eat at the lake.

NEXT: Here are the details about the Kareri Lake trek starting from Kareri village.

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