I now walk into the wild

I now walk, Into the wild. In awe, In peace.. Without baggage, Without chatter.. To the rivers, To the trails.. Of the snow, And of the night.. I now walk, Into the wild. I read somewhere, How important it is in life.. Not necessarily to be strong, But to feel strong. To measure your limits at … Read more

How to count in Khmer

To learn how to count in Khmer, all you need to do is remember the numbers 1 through 5.   1 – muy 2 – pi 3 – bai 4 – buhn 5 – prum   Now, that we have that in place, the rule to remember the numbers 6 through 9 is the ‘5+n’ … Read more

Why I love the Vietnamese cuisine

Here’s the thing: Vietnamese food is not my favorite just because it looks great or tastes great. Above all that, I love how it has maintained the traditional philosophies of the cuisine over time. Any Vietnamese dishes include five fundamental taste senses, what are called ngũ vị: spicy (metal) sour (wood) bitter (fire) salty (water) sweet (earth) This is corresponding … Read more

Top 5 Offbeat Experiences in Havelock Island

“Andaman is not about the resorts.. It’s about living raw. It’s about being in the wild. It’s about being a real islander.” I’ve been lucky (and adventurous) enough to explore the Havelock Island like the locals. I stayed on the non-touristy uninhabited part of the island. My title ‘The Andamani’ is part self-proclaimed and part … Read more

Why I’m selling all my sh*t

Yes! I’m selling everything I own. Here’s why… “I don’t need a new car. I don’t want a new car. I don’t want any thing, these things, things, things, things.” — Into the Wild Before you start thinking I’m selling everything and going to the hills, let me tell you a little about myself… I run multiple … Read more

My 2017 Travel Map!

You were absolutely fantastic, 2017! Fantastic, Adventurous, Gorgeous. Thanks for showing me around. Italy: Milan, Italy Lake Garda, Italy Verona, Italy Venice, Italy Florence, Italy Rome, Italy Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy Europe (Other): Paris, France Brussels, Belgium Berlin, Germany Amsterdam, The Netherlands Broek in Waterland, The Netherlands Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Vung Tau Phu … Read more

Vietnam Food Guide for Vegetarians and Vegans

Vietnamese Food Guide for Vegetarians and Vegans This is not your usual ‘Vegetarian food guide for Vietnam’.  I am not going to talk about the best Vegan and Vegetarian restaurants in Saigon or Hanoi. You can HappyCow that kind of information. This guide is for the true explorer. Because when you go off the beaten … Read more