Getting high on healthy habits

While consumption of substances is an easy tool to the high, it’s most often short-lived and comes with its side effects. I’ve been focusing on creating healthy habits that lead to a natural “high” state. This high is the real sh*t… It comes with a short-term high + long-term benefits for life. Here are some … Read more

25+ Online Note Taking Tools


While the notebook and pen have been my favorite note-taking tool of all time. At some point, we all realize the importance of documenting timelines, searching and indexing our notes and carrying them virtutally anywhere. All of us have come to rely on online note-taking tools. Note-taking apps have in fact become powerful to the … Read more

20+ Best Design Collaboration Tools


Collaborative tools allow you to gain time, they make you avoid futile tasks and they make you see clearer the projects’ progress in a simple way. It is what helps many teams across the globe to finish their design projects on time, sharing information and feedback amongst all stakeholders involved. Let’s get to the list … Read more

3 Chrome Extensions for Focus & Productivity


I have optimized by work environment using Digital Minimalism and I try to engage in deep work sessions every day. The following is a list of the top 3 Chrome Extensions that help me stay focused, boost my productivity, as well as help me sustain my deep work sessions without distractions. 1. ‘Web Activity Time … Read more

The CRI Model of Money & Marketing

CRI model

Over the past 10 years, I’ve run multiple experiments to grow my money with marketing. I’ve tried various models to manage experiments, processes, and mindsets. This year, I’ve created my own model to simplify everything I do. I call this the CRI model and it stands for Channels-Revenue-Investments. The CRI model covers: Channels – where … Read more

20 Daily Habits for 2020


There is no great year. There are only great days. Great days are defined by great daily habits. In 2019, I ran various productivity experiments to optimize my life by optimizing my days and this was one of the most transformational years I’ve had. I moved my focus from over-obsessing on goals to focusing on … Read more

Get rid of your Facebook News Feed

You don’t need your Facebook news feed. Step 1: Delete the Facebook app from your phone. Step 2: Check Facebook only on the web version during your distracted times of shallow work. Step 3: Even on the web, keep your shortcuts to a maximum of 3 most important links on Facebook. Step 4: Eradicate your newsfeed from the web … Read more

51 Life Lessons from 2018

A better life, every day.   1. Daily habits are the secret to long term success. 2. It’s all about the mindset. 3. Never miss a chance to see the sunrise or sunset. 4. Short-term goals over long-term goals. 5. Death is Real. And it will happen to all of us. 6. Life is all about the present moment. 7. … Read more

10 Habits for a Better Life in 2019

Use Habits as Compound Interest for your Life. 1. Meditate for 10 minutes every day You can find easy guided meditations on YouTube or Meditation Apps. Just take 10 minutes from your day to schedule this and you’ll be recharged and energised to do the other things on this list. 2. Walk 10,000 steps every day The idea … Read more

Atomic Habits: Key Takeaways

Leverage habits to get things done without using your will power reserves. 1. Habits are compound interest of self improvement 1.1. Small incremental changes can result in massive results. 1.2. If you improve just 1% each day, you’ll become 37.5% better by the end (also true for becoming worse). 1.3. This 1% choice seems insignificant … Read more