A Guide on Exploring the Gorgeous Kolsay Lakes National Park

This is a guest blog by Rachita Saxena. Photography credits go to Rachita Saxena. Camping for a night beside the most gorgeous lakes of Almaty. This year, I spent around 2 months exploring Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. And the most favorite part of this Central Asia trip was the numerous gorgeous lakes that I came across … Read more

Top 5 Offbeat Experiences in Havelock Island

“Andaman is not about the resorts.. It’s about living raw. It’s about being in the wild. It’s about being a real islander.” I’ve been lucky (and adventurous) enough to explore the Havelock Island like the locals. I stayed on the non-touristy uninhabited part of the island. My title ‘The Andamani’ is part self-proclaimed and part … Read more