7 Key Takeaways on Design Thinking I learnt from Soham Mondal, Google for Startups

In this post, I will summarise design thinking by sharing the 7 key takeaways on Design Thinking. I learnt these from Soham Mondal, the design thinking mentor at Google for Startups. 1. Design thinking is a mindset to find practical solutions using a user-centred approach. Focus on the keywords mindset, practical solutions, and user-centred as … Read more

Company Registration in Singapore Online: Tax friendly & Crypto friendly

Singapore Company Registration

You heard that right. Company registration in Singapore is unimaginably simple and can be done completely remotely within 3-4 working days. If you are exploring your options to expand your business or simply register your company in Singapore for its tax-friendly and crypto-friendly policies, this guide is for you. This is an outline of my … Read more

My Full Equity Portfolio in India: Stocks, ETFs & Mutual Funds

my equity portfolio

It is said that the right approach to investing and designing your equity portfolio begins by “knowing yourself”. And it’s not just about knowing your current financial status and your investing goals, but also about your ‘philosophy of investing’. What approach to investing suits you the best comes down to the following factors. Decide Your … Read more

Getting high on healthy habits

While consumption of substances is an easy tool to the high, it’s most often short-lived and comes with its side effects. I’ve been focusing on creating healthy habits that lead to a natural “high” state. This high is the real sh*t… It comes with a short-term high + long-term benefits for life. Here are some … Read more

25+ Online Note Taking Tools


While the notebook and pen have been my favorite note-taking tool of all time. At some point, we all realize the importance of documenting timelines, searching and indexing our notes and carrying them virtutally anywhere. All of us have come to rely on online note-taking tools. Note-taking apps have in fact become powerful to the … Read more