My first illegal border crossing experience

Because borders exist only in our minds… My thoughts on one of my most thrilling experience, ever. Nothing to Declare… No custom offices, no biometrics.  No stamped identities, no bags. Just walking the earth as it was meant to be. Without luggage, tickets or tags. 15.04.2019 It was 15th April 2019, comfortably cold early morning in … Read more

My Journey along Route 13 in Laos

Living the Laotian life like the locals It was 15th January 2019 and I had been on Route 13 in Laos for almost 2 weeks now.. This road runs along the Mighty Mekong river, which acts as the natural boundary between Thailand and Laos. This road wasn’t an acquaintance anymore. Route 13 had now became dear … Read more

Laos Visa on Arrival for Indians

Here’s a fun stat before we start.. 35.38 million tourists arrived in Thailand in 2017 compared to only 3.86 million in Laos in the same year. Further, 1.19 million Indians arrived in Thailand in 2016 compared to just 8249 Indians in Laos in the same year. That makes Laos quite the offbeat destination for Indians. … Read more

Going Offbeat in Laos

An offbeat journey of an offbeat traveler in an offbeat country . . . 2019 was here, and I wanted to move to a new country. I picked Laos, the landlocked country squeezed between Thailand (west border), Vietnam (east border), Cambodia (south border), and China (north border). Interestingly, Laos is the only landlocked country in … Read more