5 local, simple yet profound, experiences in Cambodia

I live like a local wherever I go. Here’s my list of 10 local experiences I loved in Cambodia: 1. Lake-side Hammock-ing: Usually followed by a picnic with Angkor beer. 2. Exploring offbeat islands on local fishing boats Usually followed by getting lost on the islands. 3. A conversation with the locals Usually followed by non-stop … Read more

How to count in Khmer

To learn how to count in Khmer, all you need to do is remember the numbers 1 through 5.   1 – muy 2 – pi 3 – bai 4 – buhn 5 – prum   Now, that we have that in place, the rule to remember the numbers 6 through 9 is the ‘5+n’ … Read more

Khmer phrases to make local Cambodians love you instantly!

If you’re traveling to Cambodia, you should know the #1 thing locals love! No. I don’t mean the Dollars. They love to see foreigners try to speak their language. Everyone learns Hello (susedai) and Thank You (Arkoon) but we’re going to learn some next-level Khmer phrases and words that’ll make locals love you instantly! Bong … Read more