Langun-Gobingob Cave Spelunking and Camping Experience

Rainwater flooded the “football field” that day, so we chose another spot to camp for the night

This is a guest blog by Marky Ramone Go. All Photos courtesy of Nomadic Experiences. Not even fully explored, yet already considered as the biggest cave in the Philippines Just when I thought I’ve seen the best caves the Philippines can offer, especially the ones found in Cordillera Mountains in Northern Luzon—a cavern system that remains … Read more

A Guide on Exploring the Gorgeous Kolsay Lakes National Park

This is a guest blog by Rachita Saxena. Photography credits go to Rachita Saxena. Camping for a night beside the most gorgeous lakes of Almaty. This year, I spent around 2 months exploring Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. And the most favorite part of this Central Asia trip was the numerous gorgeous lakes that I came across … Read more