3 Stoic Meditations to Practice Everyday

1. View from Above How to: Zoom out of your life to your room, your city, your country, your planet, your solar system, your universe (which is only the observable universe) and then try to think about your problem. What this does: This puts your problem in perspective and you realize how everything is as … Read more

Why I Quit Facebook & Instagram

This is an extended version of my recent interview published in Small Business Trends by Rob Starr. I am an entrepreneur, growth hacking consultant and new-age marketing trainer. Most of my work is about creative business growth through online channels. Been an entrepreneur since 2009, I now train other entrepreneurs and marketers at Mapplinks Academy to help them leverage unconventional, … Read more

I Quit Facebook and Instagram for One Year

Yes. It’s over. But let’s see where it all began. As always, It started with a book… The first time I read Deep Work by Cal Newport, I ran some new productivity experiments starting September 2017. I started scheduling my shallow work and distractions like email and social media and taking dedicated deep work sessions every week. … Read more

The Art of Thinking Clearly for Entrepreneurs


And how to get rid of “entrepreneurial biases”. Time to open your eyes and look in the mirror.. Welcome to ‘The Art of Thinking Clearly — Startup Edition’. I’ve put together this list of the most common, life-sucking biases entrepreneurs live with. These biases are like mirrors. Look closely and identify how you kill clarity of thought. … Read more

10 Life Lessons from 2017 (Birthday Blog)


Key learnings from 2017 On EXISTENCE: Existence is empty and life is meaningless. On EXPERIENCES: Life is the sum total of ‘Experiences’. Not all experiences are created equal. On KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge is as important as imagination, if not more. On GOALS: Long-term goals are meaningless. Don’t think too far ahead. On HABITS: Habits are more … Read more

These 25 Productivity Principles Have Transformed my Life

FOCUS is the most important word. Zen. Practice learned minimalism. 80/20 rule. 80% output comes from 20% efforts. Focus only the 20% clients, projects, things, clothes, friends, apps. Deep Work. Understand the difference between deep work and shallow work. Outsource or Assign the shallow work and focus on the deep work. Have daily deep work … Read more

My Approach to DEEP WORK

I recently read DEEP WORK by Cal Newport. The book brings out the rules for focused success in the distracted world we live in. Deep work refers to distraction-free concentrated activities that push your cognitive capabilities to the limit. These efforts create NEW VALUE, improve your SKILL, and are HARD TO REPLICATE as opposed to … Read more

Leadership lessons from Colonel McCullough of ‘War for The Planet Of The Apes’


Guess what? you can learn leadership lessons from watching movies. Here’s my takeaway from the movie ‘War for The Planet of The Apes’ Disclaimer: This lesson in leadership motivation comes from the perfect antagonist, Colonel McCullough. While Caesar preaches the amazing heart-touching slogan “APE. TOGETHER. STRONGER”, you see him rambling from his path, seeding another Koba … Read more

Entrepreneurship Lessons I Learnt On A Solo Backpacking Tour of Europe

Originally published by Rishabh Dev on Entrepreneur. Life is an adventure. Then, so is entrepreneurship. Every day is a new challenge, and with every challenge comes a new learning. There’s an abundance of things we can learn if we observe our surroundings a little more carefully. Take solo backpacking, for example. You’re on your own, in … Read more

How I manage my Gmail with just 5 labels


I’ve been a die-hard Outlook fan for most of my emailing. I’ve used Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 and always appreciated the plethora of features and options. Though I had been using Gmail for my personal inbox, but never really had the need to spend too much time on it. The shift to Gmail This changed when … Read more