30+ Best Tools for Digital Nomads

Being a digital nomad is a lifestyle and this lifestyle is best driven by the right mindset, skillsets, and toolset. Talking of toolsets, here are some tools that can serve your needs in different ways – including Travel, Social, Financial needs. Check out the full list below.


Offsyte – Stay connected with your remote teams! Offsyte hand-selects the most highly-rated Virtual Team Outings so you can easily find and book your remote team building event. Offsyte handles the logistics and payment, while you focus on the fun part.


Tour – Tour lets you discover places to go, keep track of travel info, and create beautiful itineraries with drag & drop. Travelers can create unlimited itineraries, find things to do on their trip, & always have access to their itineraries with offline mode. In the very near future, travelers will also be able to edit trips with friends in real-time.


Roamer – As an extension for Google Chrome, Roamer appears whenever you are browsing vacation rental listings on Airbnb. Roamer uses data from the largest speed test provider in the world to show you the expected internet performance.


OnsiteFun – Nowadays, companies are realising that talent is not only concentrated in urban areas and that it is global. The platform offers a new way to connect teams online, reducing costs compared to on-site experiences, pre-selecting excellent activities and taking care of the whole organisation because no one else has to worry.


Fairytrail – Fairytrail makes dating more efficient and fun. Spark a connection over video chat. Meet and build a relationship on a group travel experience powered by Viator and Airbnb. Designed for frequent travelers and remote workers, Fairytrail brings new people, cultures, and adventures from around the world to your life. No matter where you are.


RemoteYear – Remote Year organises world-travel and other recreational activities for remote workers who join their program. It removes the pain of planning the trips while still finding a suitable place to work from. While the pricing might seem costly, it includes stay, travel, workspace, program managers and other events. While some may still like travelling alone, backpacking for 12 months can be stressful if one has to manage everything by oneself.


Workmode – Workmode is a (progressive) web application. The goal of this app is to help the user find the best place to work from, depending on the location or search query of the user.

Eddy Travels

Eddy Travels – “Eddy Travels is an AI-powered travel assistant that allows you to plan your next trip in minutes. Just send a message to Eddy Travels and discover the best flights, hotels, and more right in your favorite communication tool – Slack.


NomadWallet – Keeping track of your expenses surely enables to travel longer, however things can get complicated easily. At NomadWallet, we focus on enhancing your privacy and keeping things simple & easy to use. We hope you rather focus on the travel itself than spend too much time recording your expenses. Let travel make you a happier person!


Pathfndr – Are you a regular traveler? Or do you consider yourself a Travel Influencer or even a micro-influencer, i.e., do your friends/ family come to you for trip recommendations and booking assistance? Would you rather save on hefty commissions paid to online travel sites for doing all the work yourself? Now, monetize your travel knowledge!


Coworker – As the leading platform for finding, booking, and reviewing coworking spaces in over 168 countries, Coworker offers a seamless experience for locating flexible workspace. By searching Coworker’s database, everyone from freelancers and remote workers to startup teams and corporate staff can easily find productive workspace and meeting rooms. Additionally, Coworker offers members a subscription service, Global Pass, which grants access to four coworking spaces per month in over 2,000 locations.

Nomad Rest

Nomad Rest – Discover the best accommodation for remote workers, digital nomads, entrepreneurs, expats and professional travelers. We only list hostels, apartments, colivings and Airbnb homes that provide everything you need for working remotely while traveling the world.


Tripsy – Tripsy is a trip planner which you can:

  • Organize all your travel information (hotels, flights, trains, restaurants, notes, etc.)
  • Receive flight updates via push notification (gate changes, time changes, etc.)
  • Share your trip with friends and family
  • Exclusive travel itineraries made by us to lots of different cities (Rome, Paris, Vancouver, Rio de Janeiro and many more)
  • Store images, notes, videos, and other files and share them with all guests
  • Personalize your trip with background images

Room Steals

Room Steals – All major hotel websites profit by marking up the hotel price (margin) or getting a commission (between 7-18%) from the hotels. We don’t add a margin or take a commission. That means our prices are rock bottom. We only charge a small annual subscription, so you keep all the savings for yourself! Use our Chrome extension. See the wholesale price for the hotel you’re looking at on your fav site.


Flydesk – FLYDESK provides unique business solutions to better manage remote teams. Our platform allows instant bookings in the best flexible workspaces globally from hot desks, meeting rooms to private offices without commitment. FLYDESK has created a team check-in and space management application that supports businesses embracing the modern work culture with more flexibility.

Nomad List

Nomad List – Nomad List is a crowdsourced database of thousands of cities aggregating their most important characteristics, as well as a community of thousands of digital nomads, with the goal of helping digital nomads to choose where to travel and connect them with others.


smpl – Member management, automated billing and invoicing, meeting room reservations, and door access for membership-based organizations of all sorts. smpl is FREE to use until you start adding members – get started with your account at https://start.smpl.io today! 🎉

Visa List

Visa List – Visa List helps anyone who wants to travel to different countries, with the visa requirements to begin with along with the important things required. You can find Visa free, Visa on arrival and other requirement to travel to more than 200 different countries across the world. You can also know each required documents, embassies nearby, currency required, languages spoken and etc. This makes life easy and puts the research people usually do all in one place.


Roombuddy – Roombuddy.co is a platform where people can find their roommate. In addition to the details of the apartment, users can add information about their lifestyle and the characteristics they would like to meet their future roommate. The platform also includes the option of reviews where friends can give more details about you and also an ice-cream configurator that matches roommates’ taste.


nomadhubb – Explore and visualize what coworking/coliving retreats are happening around the world.


TownChat – TownChat is a social media app that will allow users and tourists to search for local people in town and connect with them. In TownChat no one else will be able to track private profiles.

Trip Noodle

Trip Noodle – Trip Noodle is your first stop when planning your next adventure. We compile, curate and filter a one page guide to your travel destination. You won’t find any recommendations or personal opinions, just the essential information you need to travel easier and smarter.


JPlanner – We were tired of falling into tourist traps suggested by the usual tourist-to-tourist platforms (you name it), so we decided to leverage the knowledge of the locals to live a better and more unique travel experience. Our goal is to provide structured, easy to access and “up to date” travel recommendations, instead of you scraping the internet looking for articles, blog or social network posts to plan your itinerary.


AvantStay – We believe the best travel accommodations are all about delivering an exceptional, unique stay and far too often checkout managers and hosts fall short on delivering a first-class short-term rental experience. AvantStay is here to change that by setting the new standard for short-term rental experiences. We came together to build a revolutionary hospitality brand through the power of virtual tech automation in the short-term rental market.

Nomad Travel Tools

Nomad Travel Tools – Nomad Travel Tools gives users a dashboard overview of comparative data for 2 cities of their choice, helping them to decide the next travel destination. It has a community feature too where users can post and chat with each other.


Nomadpick – Nomadpick is a curated list of resources and tools for Digital Nomads, Travelers, Backpackers or anyone who is always on the move.These resources will you find cheap flights, accommodation, coworking spaces to work from, plan your trip, get inspired and much more.


Travellar – 🌍 Find travel activities, improvise, explore and experience the world. 🙌 Spontaneously connect with others while exploring together. ⛺ Create activities and have other travelers joining your adventure.


Krowspot – Krowspot is the place to discover and share the coolest places to work from in any city in the world. If you can crash in with your laptop and work, it’s a Krowspot. Think cool cafes, public libraries, free coworking spaces…Go to cool places to create something cool!


Zumper – Zumper is used by millions of renters every year to find houses, condos, or apartments for rent. Its purpose is to help connect landlords with available apartments to qualified, trustworthy renters. Zumper shortens the process with a unique requirement: It pre-qualifies all prospective tenants with both an Experian credit check and a background screening. Screening costs fall on either the renter or the landlord.

Freelancer Toolkit

Freelancer Toolkit – The Freelancer Toolkit is a package of useful services and products that help a creative or digital freelancer through the early stages of their career. We’ve partnered with a selection of the best tools and services in 10 sectors, ranging from accounting to creative tools.

Nomad Radar

Nomad Radar – It’s a map-based community platform for Digital Nomads, showing you other nomads nearby as well events and coworking cafes. You also can find and connect with other nomads by searching certain skills.


Pickvisa – The PickVisa.com platform helps individuals obtain travel, education, business, and education visas for any country in the world. The user-friendly interface of our website, specialization exclusively on visa issues, and extensive database, consisting of all information about visa requirements of any country in the world make Pickvisa.com unique in the service market.


HouseWeCan – Remote jobs have unchained us from big, expensive cities. We hunt for friendly communities that remote workers love – with great internet, schools & coffee shops.

Seat Surfing

Seat Surfing – Seat Surfing is a first nomadic community where users find people to work with together. It enables you to meet up with other nomads at a cafe, office, house or any space anywhere. It’s a sort of Couch Surfing for Co Working.


TripCost – TripCost is a website that estimates the cost of your trip. TripCost has info about the price for a cup of coffee, a cinema ticket, a McMeal, a pint of local beer, a bus ticket, flight, hotel and hundreds of other things.

Lovat Parks

Lovat Parks – Lovat Parks gives you an escape route to nature. You can own your own holiday home across seven of Lovat Parks location. From UK luxury lodge owner to under-the-stars camper, we’re a home from home, however long or short your stay.


Snapmaker – Unlock your full creative potential with the Snapmaker 2.0, a modular, 3-in-1 fabrication machine. From 3D printing to laser engraving, cutting, and CNC carving, make your creative ideas smarter, larger, and more powerful – all from your desk.


Snaptravel – Snaptravel operates as a travel agent over messaging offering these same great rates over a private 1:1 chat, while eliminating the overhead of a physical retail store SnapTravel uses machine learning and the Front API to create a bot and stay on top of all of the customer demand and inquiries within their Front inbox.


Person8 – Don’t lose your identity, back it up so it can be recovered. Person8 is a decentralized toolkit to restore your identity, keeping it securely stored online through Blockstack. Easily and safely upload and share your passport and other essential documents.


Coliving – Coliving is a modern form of shared housing for like-minded people to live, work and play together. Fully furnished, specially-designed living spaces create an inspiring environment for people to interact and share experiences. The biggest value of joining a coliving space is access to the community.

Culture Trip

Culture Trip – Culture Trip is a global startup operating in travel, media and entertainment. We create stories that reveal what is unique and special about a place, its people and its culture.

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