30+ Online Platforms for Hiring Remote Employees

Hiring a remote team? If you’re new to online recruiting, this list will provide you all the tools you need to get started.

I’ve worked with remote teams much before the pandemic-initiated remote revolution and have tried various tools. Here are some of the platforms that you can use. They offer remote and/or freelance profiles for various skills and positions:


Wishup – At Wishup we have well trained and skilled virtual assistants, social media managers and digital marketing managers for entrepreneurs, small business owners and organisations. Wishup provides highly skilled Remote Workers at an affordable price point which is fulfilled through a tech-enabled marketplace.


Flexiple – Flexiple is a new age community of top freelance developers and designers. The offering makes a lot of sense for growth-stage startups and all tech startups, enabling them to add quality & vetted tech talent to their teams.


Crewscale – Build high-performing, distributed teams with Crewscale.
Our comprehensive hiring process is crafted to not just find the best talent with the required tech skills, but those with relevant domain expertise too. Find the right fit for your specific requirements.


RemoteWorks – RemoteWorks helps you discover the best remote opportunities in software development. We match your skills to great jobs, with companies you want, using languages you love. Our specialist platform means that we only send you jobs you’re actually a match for. You’ll only get emails for jobs you can actually get.


Arc – Arc is a remote developer hiring platform (contract & permanent), making it easier for fast-growing companies to hire expert developers across all time zones and tech stacks. Arc connects you with trusted remote developers so you stop wasting time on bad hires. Only the top 1.1% pass the Silicon Valley-caliber interview process.


WFH – Remote work allows employees to be more productive and employers to save money. Create your free profile to get matched with remote jobs you can do from anywhere.

  • Candidates: Search our jobs, apply, interview, get offers and start working all from the comfort of your home
  • Companies: Our experienced and dedicated recruiting team will handle the heavy lifting in finding the best candidate for you.


Notch – Through a vetting process that combines technical and soft skills with remote readiness, Notch enables companies to hire full-time, senior-level talent anywhere in the world. Today, Notch has helped companies backed by YC, Sequoia, Index, and more build top, remote teams.

Remote Woman

Remote Woman – By leveraging curation & a strong community, we’re going to bring back trust. Instead of “pay to list” sites, our community hand-curates companies that we believe in & flags any bad actors. By doing this, we’ll never provide a flood of sketchy jobs to you. We hope to be a small part of a larger movement where companies make their workplaces & hiring process inviting for all sexes, genders, orientations, and races.


HelloRemote – For those seeking a remote job, HelloRemote gives you the tools and training to discover more vacancies, make your applications stand out and interview with confidence. With 400+ live remote job vacancies, combined with our free online training, we give you opportunities to apply, and the training to stand out.


6nomads – 6nomads.com is a platform where remote IT talent meets tech startups. We put all engineers through a 3-step screening process testing their hard & soft skills so you won’t waste time on irrelevant candidates.


SCIKEY – SCIKEY Assured is a premium managed services offering by SCIKEY, delivers the best outcomes to enterprise customers globally for talent and technology solutions, be it offshore, remote, or on-premise.


Upwork – Upwork is a freelance marketplace offering freelancers across various categories, moderating individuals through reviews and ratings. Probably the best marketplace for freelancers, but still suffers from the usual troubles of talent marketplaces – unreliable quality, long time to find freelancers, etc.


Remotefit – If you’re a remote company with a great culture, Remotefit can also help you build a team that shares your values. Remotefit has created a high touch, white glove service to help companies put their best foot forward and communicate this to a set of highly motivated people who are already looking for top remote workers.


Indiez – We handpick the best remote engineers to help companies scale their tech teams on demand. We work only with the top 1% of candidates as a part of our community. When we find one that fits, we reach out and ask them to be an Indiez community member.


RemoteMore – The way that RemoteMore works is that you submit your requirements, and we connect you with pre-screened developers from our network that match your requirements.


Twine – Twine is an online platform that helps companies hire quality freelancers to help grow their business. We do this by connecting companies to a network of over 300,000 creative professionals in graphic design, web development, marketing, music, and film. We handpick the best quality freelancers for each project which saves time and money, whilst ensuring a quality result.

Remote Planet

Remote Planet – Curated data for remote, digital nomads & travelers – All the remote power in your hands. Find your next remote job, articles, tools, books, videos, etc. All the data for remote workers & digital nomads in one place.

Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent – Hubstaff Talent is a 100% free resource for companies looking to find remote talent across the globe. No fees, no markups, no middlemen.


CloudPeeps – CloudPeeps is a community, marketplace, and platform that empowers freelancers and businesses to do their best work. Hire a team of quality professional freelancers to get the job done. Work the way you want, wherever you are!

Dev on demand

Dev on demand – Dev on demand is a simple website to hire a FrontEnd Developer on Demand and simply upload your design, pay and receive the code a few days later on your email. 🙏


Minty – Platform with community of illustrators to hire. Offering set of tools for matchmaking, negotiation, automatic paperwork generating and licence tracking. You can ask artists to create custom artwork, or pick some of the already existing ones from their stocks.


FlatWorld.co – It’s not enough to find a Remote-Worker, you need to find the *right* Remote-Worker!
FlatWorld.co is a self-service E2E hiring solution. Our Matching-as-a-Service takes an holistic view at remote-jobs and matches them with the right candidates. “Curated by FlatWorld.co” means high-quality matching between remote-workers and global companies driving high-engagement, retention and productivity.


Naprok– Naprok allows you to:

  • Interview relevant candidates only to find perfect devs within a few days
  • Stay in touch with dedicated managers who will assist you at every stage
  • Hire pre-vetted development teams who meets your requirements
  • Choose suitable team members who you can directly cooperate with
  • Protect your product from unfair vendors using AI code authorship identification

Remote Workers

Remote Workers – Remote Workers aims to become the world’s leading remote work platform, connecting skilled talent with remote-first / remote-friendly companies hiring in all professions and timezones. Through our personalized Remote Workers Profile Dashboard, we want to streamline the process of applying for, tracking, and acquiring a remote job while building global, career-changing connections.


TECLA – We are improving the way remote-ok companies recruit and hire top software developers, QA analysts, and product designers from around the world. Interview & hire directly. Teammates (not freelancers). Total salary transparency. Talent in your timezone. 7,500+ top professionals in our network. Create your job post to get started!


NerdFeedr – NerdFeedr helps connect creative and technical professionals with clients seeking short-term, remote experts.

Dynamite Jobs

Dynamite Jobs – Our team at Dynamite Jobs only posts 100% remote, open, and paid. Candidates can sign up for the free Job Placement Program. The site was launched in 2017 to help founders who bootstrap their businesses to grow their remote teams. Companies may post their first job on the site for free and work with our team who makes sure the hiring process is going well.


RemoteCo – RemoteCo connects entrepreneurs and companies with full & part-time remote workers from Latin America. The workers work during US business hours and at affordable salaries (set by the remote workers themselves). They work just like employees that might work in your office – meaning they work 20+ or 40+ hours a week, exclusively for you and your business. The major difference? They work from home.


Dribble – Tens of millions of people look for design inspiration and feedback on Dribbble. We help players like you share small screenshots (shots) to show off your current projects, boost your portfolio, and love what you do—no matter what kind of creative professional you are.


andRemote – Remote jobs (plus more) platform with curated jobs in VC funded innovative Startups. We bring you hundreds of early job opportunities in recently funded companies. Discover your next exciting job in tech, design, and marketing.

Skip the Drive

Skip the Drive – SkipTheDrive tries to simplify the job search process by providing pre-filtered job listings that allow for work-from-home opportunities. There is no registration. SkipTheDrive is free for job seekers.


YouTeam – YouTeam is the world’s first marketplace for rapid engineering staff augmentation. YouTeam allows fast-growing tech companies to ramp up engineering by instantly adding several co-located full-time contractors to the team. It leverages a network of 20,000 vetted engineers in Europe and Latin America.48-hour personalized matching. 1 week to hire. 2-5 senior-level contractors ready to start immediately. 0 commitments or charges before you select candidates for contracting


freelancer.in – Through our marketplace, employers can hire freelancers to do work in areas such as software development, writing, data entry and design right through to engineering, the sciences, sales and marketing, accounting and legal services.


Fiverr – At Fiverr, it’s our mission to grow and cultivate the world’s largest digital marketplace, a place where people can find and purchase any service they need, and build any business they dream.


Skilled – Skilled has built a vetted network of Israel’s top freelance developers, sourced from elite IDF units such as 8200, major open-source software contributors, and top universities.

Referral Booster

Referral Booster – With Referral Booster, hiring managers have the flexibility to create announcements that highlight specific departments or postings pending the urgency of filling a role. And employees don’t have to deal with the friction usually tied to referrals. Instead, with just two clicks, a referral is submitted and Booster automatically transfers the info to a company’s applicant tracking system.


Toptal – Toptal has established the reputation of providing the best freelance designers, developers and financial consultants. Started in 2010, it offers quality talent screened through a stringent selection process.


PeoplActive – Let us know your requirements for Azure and Devops talents and leave the hiring responsibilities on our shoulders, we will definitely come up with the right match for you. Needless to say, we’ve worked with a long list of clients from across the world throughout these 15+ years and expanded our teams consistently.


Rise – Powered by technology, Rise’s modern work ecosystem brings together future-focused jobs, on-demand benefits, and a supportive community. Rise uses high-skilled, work-from-anywhere roles to accelerate a woman’s career. Companies seeking to fill internal skills gaps, staff part-time leadership roles, or complete time-sensitive projects can use the platform as a new avenue for recruitment.


Roleshare – At Roleshare, our goal is to enable a sustainable workforce, where people and companies get more from roles, and where the full-time balance in work and life is normal – regardless of the reason.


Insolvo – Insolvo is a freelance marketplace platform with a strong emphasis on speed, security, and simplicity. There are many different tasks and jobs, ranging from IT, design, and data analysis to writing texts/articles, photo processing, animations, and various simple tasks. Every freelancer can find a task up to their skills and every task can be solved with a proper freelancer.

Fair Shot Network

Fair Shot Network – Fair Shot Network operates a freelancer network of top software developers who live primarily in counties that face economic disadvantage in the U.S. We hire freelancers who live in areas where the cost of living is low, so our rates are on par with offshore rates. Equity-minded businesses ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies hire our vetted and highly qualified freelancers for a wide range of challenging projects.


Peopleperhour – PeoplePerHour connects your business to an international community of freelancers who want nothing more than to help your business succeed. Discover rated and reviewed experts for every skill imaginable — One discovery could change your business forever.


KreekAfrica – Find the best freelancers for your projects with KreekAfrica. We understand that the traditional way of hiring can be costly for businesses and a barrier to creative expression for Freelancers. Also, with the growing popularity of remote work on the continent, it makes financial sense, especially during a crisis.


InStaffOut – InStaffOut made its mission to remove the complexity from out-tasking in IT development. Our models are simplified so you can go on innovating and disrupting your marketplace. Our contracting requires simple efforts; you can scale you team up and down as your project demands, our teams are fully administered and compensated following local laws and regulations.

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