Getting high on healthy habits

While consumption of substances is an easy tool to the high, it’s most often short-lived and comes with its side effects.

I’ve been focusing on creating healthy habits that lead to a natural “high” state.

This high is the real sh*t… It comes with a short-term high + long-term benefits for life.

Here are some of the daily healthy habits that lead to the high state, that you can include in your schedule:

Exercise (in any form you like)

  1. Yoga (Every day)
  2. Calisthenics (Every alternate day)
  3. Cardio (Every day)
  4. Strength Training (Every alternate day)
  5. Swimming (I swim in the sea at least 3 times a week)


  1. 7-8 hours of sleep in the night
  2. 20-minute power nap in the noon between 1-2 pm


  1. Stay hydrated throughout the day
  2. Eat slightly fewer calories than you burn
  3. Getting micros from vegetables
  4. Supplement for any deficiencies

Hobbies & Social Life

  1. Learning a new language
  2. Pursuing one creative hobby (music/art)
  3. Having a social life and meaningful conversations
  4. Creating experiences and memories with family and friends

Limit/Eliminate Inhibitors (these ruin the natty high)

  1. Alcohol (my limit is up to 3 glasses of wine per week)
  2. Stress (limit as much as possible by eliminating the non-essential projects, work, clients, obligations)
  3. Caffeine (I limit tea or coffee to pre-noon)


  1. Deep work
  2. Focused Pomodoro sessions
  3. Eliminate distractions


  1. A cold shower in the morning
  2. A warm shower in the evening
  3. A massage a week!

An ideal day for me is when I’m able to combine all of the above.

Start by listing down what you can incorporate today!

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