25+ Online Note Taking Tools

While the notebook and pen have been my favorite note-taking tool of all time. At some point, we all realize the importance of documenting timelines, searching and indexing our notes and carrying them virtutally anywhere. All of us have come to rely on online note-taking tools.

Note-taking apps have in fact become powerful to the point that they can probably handle every single use case you can think of.

But what are the best note-taking apps and tools out there?

Here is the list to help you navigate and understand an overview of the best online note-taking tools and apps.


GetCommit – With so many fragmented applications, internal communication is a noisy mess and things get lost. GetCommit rescues you and your colleagues by providing an effortless knowledge transfer system that works with the tools you already use. GetCommit builds connections between knowledge and between people to change the culture.


Notion – A sophisticated note-taking app with a sleek design. The app is available across devices and can serve as a powerful replacement for apps like Evernote, docs amongst others. It has a highly flexible interface for taking notes & creating to-do lists and also allows the organization of tasks into tables, kanban boards, and calendar views.


Milanote – Behind every great piece of work is a lot of research, thinking, and planning that is often messy, unstructured, and takes time to evolve. That’s why we made Milanote—for the start of the creative process. To match the way creative people think when they turn nothing into something.

Zoho Notebook

Zoho Notebook – Notebook is a beautifully designed note-taking app that is available across iOS, Android, Mac, Web & Windows. Take notes, add files, create checklists, sketches, record audio, and capture moments and all your notes are instantly synced across your devices and to the cloud.


ScatterNote – It’s a mobile app replicating the experience of a corkboard of notes connected to each other with bits of string! Organize your notes into separate notebooks for each project. Shuffle your notes around the screen in any way that makes sense to you. Connect and disconnect your notes by dropping them onto each other.


Supernotes – Supernotes is a new way to create notes and collaborate with your friends. You can tag your cards, find relevant keywords, and sort your cards in an instant. Each and every note-card can be immediately shared, commented on, or collaboratively edited


Notejoy – Notejoy is a collaborative notes app for individuals and teams. Fast, focused, and always in sync. Apps available for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and web. Effortless to keep your team in sync with real-time editing, threaded conversations, notifications, and more.


Glean – With Glean, students will be active members of the classroom strengthening their note-taking skills, which is an essential part of the learning process in order to retain important information.


Tactiq – Save Transcription From Google Meet. Lead the meeting conversation, we’ll take care of the notes. Capture important conversations without losing your focus writing notes, using Tactiq’s Chrome Extension for Google Meet. It’s simple to share and save live transcriptions from Google Meet with Tactiq: * Read the full history of the conversation in real-time * Automatically save the transcription to Google Doc during the meeting


Notud – Simple cloud note-taking with handwriting and drawing on to your own custom templates. Notud integrates with Xero to make client notes even easier for small businesses. Access your notes from anywhere, on any device, with the ability to handwrite, draw, or type notes, whichever you choose. Notes and information are fully secure, backed up and encrypted for yours, and your clients confidence.


Evernote – Starting from a simple note-taking app, Evernote has consistently added multiple features making it a serious contender in the content collaboration category. However, it works best only for small teams which are ideating, capturing notes and where searching capabilities across various forms of media is key.


OneNote – Microsoft’s solution to all kinds of note-keeping and file types: from meeting notes to storing images, audios, videos, etc. Makes it easy to organise and search data, bringing the much-needed order to a typical workday.

Google Keep

Google Keep – Google Keep is available as a personal note-taking app on both Android & iOS, as a Chrome plug-in and as a web app. The app is built keeping in mind consumers and not collaboration.


Stashany – We like the simplicity in taking note in text editor. It is great for quick note and saving code snippets. But the drawbacks are those notes just stay in local machine. So the idea of Stashany come up, which aim at: Resemble text editor experience for quick note but with simple note management UI.
Online, can access everywhere.


Organizedly – Organizedly helps you take your productivity and personal knowledge management to a new level. Finally, a note-taking and task management tool is done right. Your notes are a tool for understanding and remembering. Release your inner superhuman with connected notes and todos.


Obsidian – Obsidian is your long-term second brain and personal knowledge base. As you put in more notes and make more connections, the knowledge base gets more valuable. Also, you can 100% own your data and not rely on any cloud services.


Simplenote – Take text-only notes for almost any device of your liking with Simplenote. Can be used anywhere, anytime and is completely free with unlimited storage space.

Roam Research

Roam Research – Roam Research is an auto-back-linked wiki that helps people to be more productive. With bi-directional links, you can create new pages as you type, and when you go to those pages, it lists all the bullets where you’ve mentioned the tag. This way you can create a network of notes that are interconnected and not linear or hierarchical.


Allegory – A beautiful notes app with all the new iOS 13 features, using brilliant custom animations whilst retaining an iOS-centric UI. Focus on writing, whilst retaining powerful features. It contains dark mode support, a standalone Watch app, universal app, Today Extension, iMessage Stickers, Siri shortcuts, iCloud sync, URL Schemes, custom action extension, accessibility and VoiceOver enhancements, it’s localised, and much more.


Portway – Writing content should be as easy as taking a note. And sometimes all you need to do is take a note. Portway offers a way for your team to collaborate on documentation, an area for you to plan your garden planting schedule, or use it as a headless CMS. It’s your content, and it should be as frictionless to write as a note, but powerful enough to integrate wherever you need it.


Remnote – RemNote’s hierarchical bullet-point editor breaks down complex concepts into simpler, more concrete components. Consolidate knowledge in your long-term memory with a personalized spaced-repetition learning schedule. Take charge of your own learning with daily targets that support individual learning goals.


Jottit – Jot down Lists, Notes & Sketches, organize pages with notebooks, categorize notebooks with shelves, swipe to complete tasks or half swipe to mark as in progress and set reminders and due dates.


Amplenote – Amplenote is a productivity tool that excels at reliable sync, strong security, and task management. Flexible notes and tasks, built by productivity enthusiasts.


Octo – Octo supports Markdown to accentuate and organize document contents. As for organizing documents, Octo uses tags. Rather than nest documents in folders, it is possible to tag the topics that are relevant for a given document.


FastEver 3 – FastEver 3 is the note-taking app to create Evernote notes quickly.
As it goes to the entry screen right after startup, it’s perfect for jotting down ideas and memos.
Notes you save while offline are automatically uploaded when you go online.


Scrivener – Scrivener platform enables team members to add comments and annotations, insert images, edit text size, and highlight phrases in the document It also allows businesses to set word or character targets, track the progress of revisions, use labels to color-code specific sections of the write-up, and auto-save projects on a unified interface.


Routine – Routine is a desktop app that acts as a productivity central operating system. Through a single keyboard shortcut, Routine allows users to take notes, schedule meetings and capture things to do from anywhere (e.g Slack, WhatsApp, Gmail, Notion etc.) so as to complete them later. Routine goes further by taking into account your time preferences in order to organize your work efficiently.


ListPal – Create easily shareable to-do lists that automatically stay in sync and display updates in real time.


Filterize – Filterize is a cloud service that acts as your personal Evernote assistant. Tell the software how you organize your notes or just let its Artificial Intelligence learn how to do it automatically. Filterize will then manage your notes in the background, eliminating repetitive tasks, avoiding errors and saving you time.


Relanote – By leveraging the power of both methods, Relanote adapts to your way of thinking and allows you to create your personal knowledge base: Core features are: Notes organization on autopilot, Graph view, Full encryption, Share notes with the world and Dark theme,


QuickJots – QuickJots lets you jot down and auto-save any quick notes for yourself whilst you’re on your computer or phone. It supports both Markdown and simple plain-text notes, and comes with a dark mode and complete privacy.


pNotes – A free, open-source, and end-to-end encrypted note-taking app.


NotePlan – NotePlan is your task-manager, calendar, and note-taking app in one (Bullet Journal style). All your notes are locally saved as plain text-files and are [[linkable]] (+ backlinks).
Markdown makes the content of your notes future-proof and highly portable. Apple’s CloudKit service is used to sync everything across your devices (you don’t need to rely on private sync solutions)


TheNote.app – The Note.app keeps chains of private and public notes such as save private notes with photo, video, generic file attachments and links, offline notes creation and search, pin notes on the first screen of your storage,background sync between devices, support for an unlimited number of devices for one account, use web interface at https://thenote.app to edit your notes on the big desktop screen, share notes, no ads in-app and RTL support.


Workflowy – Workflowy offers a simple way to stay organized. It’s a surprisingly powerful way to take notes, make lists, collaborate, brainstorm, plan and generally organize your brain.
Workflowy’s Mirror feature lets your information exist in multiple places at the same time.

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