Top Brain Hacks To Boost Productivity

If you’re been reading my blog or following the mailers, you know I often talk about optimizing your routine and daily habits.

But in this article, we will discuss another way to boost productivity: Brain hacks to optimize your brain.

And it’s easier than you think. Treat this blog as a handy checklist and try to follow as many of these as you can – make them daily habits until they become second nature for you.

Learn the top brain optimization hacks below:

1. Eat more brain food.

This one is easy. Include brain-optimization foods in your daily meals.

Some food sources are known to optimize your brain. Here are some of them:

  • Blueberries
  • Broccoli
  • Eggs
  • Green Leafy Vegetables
  • Salmon
  • Walnuts

Cook your food in coconut oil and add some turmeric (curcumin) for further improve your meals for brain optimization.

2. Reduce input.

This one takes more will power and discipline. Stop consumption and getting input. All the information you receive as input needs to be processed by the brain, thus taking up processing space and bandwidth that could be used by the more important tasks at hand.

How I reduce input:

  • I avoid listening to songs that have lyrics most of the time
  • I’ve deleted both Facebook and Instagram (I had no newsfeed earlier and now I have completely deleted the accounts)
  • I don’t have any political opinions
  • I stopped consuming news except what can affect me directly (there is almost no news like that most of the time)
  • I don’t follow religion (so I can bandwidth going into praying, hating other religions, religious story-telling, etc)

3. Exercise more.

It is said that your brain only works when your feet are moving – and I couldn’t agree more. Movement fuels brain power.

Here are some really simple ways to get started:

  • Do a 7-minute workout in breaks between work
  • Stretch at your desk while working
  • Take indoor walks between work ideally between every 30 minutes of work
  • Go out for a walk at least once a day preferably around nature
  • Do a 10-minute morning yoga flow to start your day

4. Change your friends.

Keep only the positive ones and the purposeful ones. Remove those who consume energy without giving energy back, remove the ones that are usually sad, full of problems and negativity.

Find people with similar habits and mindsets.

Even with family, there might be a few family members you should reduce spending time with. Robin Sharma calls these people “energy monsters”.

We all have a few of those in our lives and you can almost immediately relate to the term when you hear it.

If you want to optimize your brain and life, spend less time with energy monsters.

5. Live in a clean environment.

Leave the city, move to the country side, go live in nature, find a place with parks, beaches, or hills around, escape the pollution, go out of big cities.

I’m serious. You’re doing more harm to your body than good to your wallet by living in a polluted city.

If you need to live in the city, try to spend at least a few hours in parks or near water bodies. As humans, we’ve evolved around water bodies and the brain still feels optimal around them.

While in parks or around nature, use that time to practice from breathwork.

6. Rest for recovery.

Get more sleep, try biphasic sleep routines, get in afternoon naps after lunch, remove all devices an hour before sleeping and read a book or just meditate at that time.

Doing breath work is another great hack for recovery.

To get started:

Start by deep breathing, switch to breathing with counted holds, and then slowly increase the duration of the breath and holds.

Getting a massage is another great way to boost recovery from both deep work as well as physical training.

This should cover most of the important hacks you can start practicing immediately to boost your brain and performance.

I’ve been implement various biohacks since the start of the year and found the above really useful.

I wish you an optimal life!

P.S. Some of these ideas are taken from the book titled ‘LIMITLESS’. You can get the audiobook for free if you start an Audible trial using this link.

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  1. Hi Rishabh,

    It’s awesome to read this. I agree to all these and practice half of the suggestions already.

    How about YouTube? Have you deleted this account too? The homepage feed filled with videos is quite distracting. I couldn’t find a solution to this on mobile App.


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