3 Chrome Extensions for Focus & Productivity

I have optimized by work environment using Digital Minimalism and I try to engage in deep work sessions every day. The following is a list of the top 3 Chrome Extensions that help me stay focused, boost my productivity, as well as help me sustain my deep work sessions without distractions.

1. ‘Web Activity Time Tracker’ Chrome Extension

This extension helps you find culprit websites that might be interfering with your deep work sessions or breaking your productivity streak. You can make a list of these website URLs and block them using the next extension.

2. ‘Focus’ Chrome Extension

Focus is a simple Chrome Extension that blocks the specified set of URLs with a simple blocked message rather than redirecting the websites to any additional distraction or even motivational messages.

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3. ‘3 Tabs Only’ Chrome Extensions

As simple as it sounds, this extension limits your chrome work environment to 3 tabs only. This could be challenging initially but once you get used to it, you’ll find this limitation is actually a great way to boost your productivity and focus.

3 tabs only!

Those are my top 3 Chrome Extensions for productivity. These extensions are also great to engage in deep work sessions as you can minimize distractions using the right settings of these extensions.

More on how to use them and create a deep workflow using these 3 extensions has been explained in the video below:

If you have any recommendations for Chrome Extensions to boost productivity which have minimalist options but maximum efficiency, feel free to suggest them in the comments section below.

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3 thoughts on “3 Chrome Extensions for Focus & Productivity”

  1. I remember you sharing this on Linkedin.

    I usually multitask having 10-12 tabs open, without getting things done. “3-tabs only” is a great one to focus on things to be done on priority.


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