3 Chrome Extensions for Focus & Productivity


I have optimized by work environment using Digital Minimalism and I try to engage in deep work sessions every day. The following is a list of the top 3 Chrome Extensions that help me stay focused, boost my productivity, as well as help me sustain my deep work sessions without distractions. 1. ‘Web Activity Time … Read more

The CRI Model of Money & Marketing

CRI model

Over the past 10 years, I’ve run multiple experiments to grow my money with marketing. I’ve tried various models to manage experiments, processes, and mindsets. This year, I’ve created my own model to simplify everything I do. I call this the CRI model and it stands for Channels-Revenue-Investments. The CRI model covers: Channels – where … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Vietnam

This is the ultimate guide of everything I learned about life and travel in Vietnam. PART 1: VIETNAM TRAVEL Vietnam is an easy country to navigate. You can either start from the South and work your way up to the North or the other way round. I prefer starting from the North. If you’re going … Read more

Why I’m turning Pescetarian in 2020 after 29 years of Vegetarianism


Let’s define Pescetarianism before we get into this. For me, pescetarianism is predominantly vegetarian eating while supplementing with seafood when it’s fresh catch and locally available. – Rishabh Dev Here’s some background I was brought up as a vegetarian in an Indian brahmin family (not Bengali Brahmin) . In India, vegetarians usually consume dairy as … Read more

20 Daily Habits for 2020


There is no great year. There are only great days. Great days are defined by great daily habits. In 2019, I ran various productivity experiments to optimize my life by optimizing my days and this was one of the most transformational years I’ve had. I moved my focus from over-obsessing on goals to focusing on … Read more

Side Project Ideas – The Ultimate List

side project ideas

Let’s share some side project ideas but first let me tell you this – I absolutely love side projects. 😻 Here’s why: Side projects are a great way to, fuel your entrepreneurial footprint, validate ideas, Side projects are also marketing tools and work as an alternative way to generate leads for your business and channels … Read more

75+ startup directories to submit your startup listing

Go beyond ProductHunt and submit your startup to these 75+ directors to drive traffic and boost visibility. I’ve ranked the directories and forums in the order of the value I’ve received by listing my startups or my client’s startups on the platforms. Startup directories are low-hanging fruits and are often not completely utilized by startups … Read more

How I saved 25 lakh rupees in 2 years while traveling across 25 countries without a fixed income


Note: This post is about money. If you’re shy about discussions on earning, growing and spending money, you’re at the wrong place. If you understand the value of money, if you like money, and if you want more of it while keeping your freedom, continue reading this post. Mid-2019 marked the completion of 2 kickasscular … Read more

Langun-Gobingob Cave Spelunking and Camping Experience

Rainwater flooded the “football field” that day, so we chose another spot to camp for the night

This is a guest blog by Marky Ramone Go. All Photos courtesy of Nomadic Experiences. Not even fully explored, yet already considered as the biggest cave in the Philippines Just when I thought I’ve seen the best caves the Philippines can offer, especially the ones found in Cordillera Mountains in Northern Luzon—a cavern system that remains … Read more