Top 5 Priorities In Life

Our time is limited.

And survival is no longer a pursuit.

So, The question is what are we supposed to do with our time?

A lot of people answer this question with “PURPOSE”.

Assuming that you HAVE found your purpose, is that all you should be doing with your time?

The answer, if you want to have a balanced life, is No.

While finding a purpose is good to give you a direction and meaning of life, that’s not the only thing you should spend your time on.

To know how to use time well, we need to define our life’s priorities.

To keep things simple, I define my top 5 priorities in life.

This is a dynamic list and while it doesn’t change that often, a major life event will cause it to change as we re-prioritize things many times in our life.

My current life priorities are:

  • 1. HEALTH
  • 2. FAMILY
  • 5. MONEY

Health includes Fitness as well as mental and spiritual wellness. This is a fundamental requirement to be able to pursue the rest of the priorities from the list. And hence, it gets the #1 spot.

Family includes everyone I care about and even others in the society if there’s a way I can help them.

Marketing is my purpose as I mentioned in the last email. It’s a passion that I also use to add value to others and create value for myself in return.

I love to learn almost anything new including science, languages, mindsets, facts and I also love to share it with others through my content. I’ve combined this with experiences as I believe learning through new experiences is the best way to remember what you learned and to be able to cherish them in your memories.

Life experiences are new cultural, adventure, outdoor, travel experiences that will create beautiful memories for my life.

And lastly, because I’m a realistic person and enjoy building wealth, it’s money and investing.

The next step is that I fill each day with these 5.

I’ve seen a list of others and they often have “fun/entertainment/leisure” on their list as well which is not really a priority for me at all.

So I urge you to:

  • Step 1: Make your top 5 life priorities list
  • Step 2: Fill your days with your Top 5!

And that’s how to develop ideal days and ideal days lead to an ideal life.

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