Why I Stopped Publishing On Medium

I have been published my content on Medium since 2015. And finally, I stopped publishing on Medium (Medium.com) in 2020.

Here are the reasons why I stopped:

I was mostly contributing to Medium’s content database

In the long-term, it’s always better to own your content, and don’t worry about ‘traffic’ received immediately soon as you publish a post. Forget about Instant Gratification. Take your time to design experiments and feel your funnel using a growth process.

I noticed the quality on Medium reducing by the day

Medium was great and exclusive once upon a time. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about it now. As the engagement-based algorithms now drive most visibility, a lot of great content is lost due to a lack of existing audiences. And when you have to rely on the existing audience, isn’t it better to own the content.

It’s not about the author anymore

It’s all about Medium and publications. So what’s in it for the author? Monetization? Let’s talk about that next.

Money isn’t the best metric, even if you can make it on Medium

First, I haven’t come across any “high-paid medium authors” yet. Even if you could make bank on medium, remember in the longer term, the community data, email addresses, pixeled audiences would generate you more than petty cash payments.

Think long term and act accordingly.

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