75+ startup directories to submit your startup listing

Go beyond ProductHunt and submit your startup to these 75+ directors to drive traffic and boost visibility. I’ve ranked the directories and forums in the order of the value I’ve received by listing my startups or my client’s startups on the platforms. Startup directories are low-hanging fruits and are often not completely utilized by startups … Read more

How I saved 25 lakh rupees in 2 years while traveling across 25 countries without a fixed income


Note: This post is about money. If you’re shy about discussions on earning, growing and spending money, you’re at the wrong place. If you understand the value of money, if you like money, and if you want more of it while keeping your freedom, continue reading this post. Mid-2019 marked the completion of 2 kickasscular … Read more

Langun-Gobingob Cave Spelunking and Camping Experience

Rainwater flooded the “football field” that day, so we chose another spot to camp for the night

This is a guest blog by Marky Ramone Go. All Photos courtesy of Nomadic Experiences. Not even fully explored, yet already considered as the biggest cave in the Philippines Just when I thought I’ve seen the best caves the Philippines can offer, especially the ones found in Cordillera Mountains in Northern Luzon—a cavern system that remains … Read more

A Guide on Exploring the Gorgeous Kolsay Lakes National Park

This is a guest blog by Rachita Saxena. Photography credits go to Rachita Saxena. Camping for a night beside the most gorgeous lakes of Almaty. This year, I spent around 2 months exploring Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. And the most favorite part of this Central Asia trip was the numerous gorgeous lakes that I came across … Read more

One Metric That Matters (OMTM) in Growth Hacking


Growth hackers use a single number to design experiments around, stay focused, and cut through the noise. This number is the one metric that matters (OMTM) the most at the current stage of a startup. Let’s understand more about this OMTM by learning about the characteristics of the OMTM: The characteristics of the OMTM The … Read more