My Soft Landing Retirement Plan on my F.I.R.E Journey

I’ve been executing experiments as an entrepreneur and marketing consultant for the past 12 years. Alongside, I’ve been on the journey to financial independence, planning both my personal finances and investments as well as my online business setup in a way that allows me to achieve freedom of time, money, and location.

I saw many people in the F.I.R.E movement (Financial Independence Retire Early) stressing about working too hard and saving way too much money early on to retire and enjoy life eventually.

I disagree with this. I decided to make money income instead of saving more on expenses. I decided to work less and still achieve my financial goals.

This was all possible because I built online businesses using the right people and systems. This let me work on the business rather than in the business. And this got me freedom.

I was working 8 hours a day on my business and investments when I was 30. From there, I used the power of systems and delegation to reduce my working hours.

I knew if I suddenly retired one day, I would miss working. So instead, I created something I call the ‘SOFT LANDING RETIREMENT PLAN’ for myself.

The vision was clear – I aimed to reduce my average workday by 30 minutes yearly until 40. I’m 33 now and sharing my soft landing strategy in this blog.

The Soft Landing Retirement Strategy

The beauty of the Soft Landing Retirement Plan lies in its gradual nature. Instead of abruptly cutting ties with the daily grind, I systematically reduced my workload.

Every year, I made a conscious effort to trim 30 minutes from my average workday. This allowed me to maintain productivity while gradually easing into a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Years in Progress

The impact is tangible as I stand at 33, three years into the Soft Landing Retirement Plan. The reduced workload gives me more time for personal pursuits and enhances my overall job satisfaction.

The incremental changes have been a testament to the effectiveness of a slow and steady approach to retirement planning.

Here’s my plan:

  • Age 30: 8 hours – 0 minutes = 8 hours
  • Age 31: 8 hours – 30 minutes = 7.5 hours
  • Age 32: 7.5 hours – 30 minutes = 7 hours
  • Age 33: 7 hours – 30 minutes = 6.5 hours
  • Age 34: 6.5 hours – 30 minutes = 6 hours
  • Age 35: 6 hours – 30 minutes = 5.5 hours
  • Age 36: 5.5 hours – 30 minutes = 5 hours
  • Age 37: 5 hours – 30 minutes = 4.5 hours
  • Age 38: 4.5 hours – 30 minutes = 4 hours
  • Age 39: 4 hours – 30 minutes = 3.5 hours
  • Age 40: 3.5 hours – 30 minutes = 3 hours

I could go more aggressive however, I would like to keep these averages as I still plan to build new scalable revenue streams and passive income sources during these 10 years.

I also want to run some experiments and attempts at building a new startup.

Eventually, I feel working 3 hours a day (which including working on my finances and investing portfolio) will be a good constant to stick with for my 40s.

I don’t want to plan too much in advance but I did want to see if the math will work out and it does for me.

Benefits of a Soft Landing

Reduced Stress:

The gradual reduction in work hours has significantly lowered stress levels, contributing to improved overall well-being.

This frees up time to focus on the increased needs of my health and family relationships.

Increased Productivity:

Surprisingly, cutting down on daily working hours has resulted in increased productivity during the time spent working.

I’ve increased my deep work sessions and reduced my shallow work.

I’ve been delegating more effectively and finding more A-players on my teams.

Enhanced Work-Life Balance:

The Soft Landing Retirement Plan has harmonized my professional commitments and personal life.

I feel this will also help me not “miss” working once I eventually retire, which, of course, may never happen as I enjoy looking over my businesses.

And I surely wouldn’t mind spending a few hours a day in deep work as that actually brings me joy!

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