10 Habits for a Better Life in 2019

Use Habits as Compound Interest for your Life.

1. Meditate for 10 minutes every day

You can find easy guided meditations on YouTube or Meditation Apps. Just take 10 minutes from your day to schedule this and you’ll be recharged and energised to do the other things on this list.

2. Walk 10,000 steps every day

The idea is to keep moving. The number is to give you a direction. Start walking everyday. Use the Google Fit or Apple Health app to calculate steps or just approximate based on the distance.

3. Do at least one 7-minute workout every day

7-minute workouts are good fitness hacks because they don’t need as much willpower as you do to go to the gym. You can squeeze this in your day any time.

4. Take a foreign language lesson every day

Pick a foreign language and take a new lesson to become better at it every day. This is not just for the sake of learning the language but for the overall growth of your brain. You can use apps like Duolingo or Mondly for this.

5. Drink 3 litres of water every day

Make sure you’re drinking enough water to keep you energised and healthy throughout the day. Use an app like Gulp to track this if you want to be reminded about drinking water.

6. Write at least 5 pages on any topic every day

Free journal or pick a topic and write 5 pages on it. And mean writing on a pen and paper. If you’ve been typing away your life, you’ll probably take some time to get used to writing on paper again. And that process of re-learning is good for your brain.

7. Read at least 10 pages of a non-fiction book every day

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already into non-fiction books. Pick any book and read at least one chapter or 10 pages every day.

8. Don’t use your mobile phone 30 minutes before sleeping and 30 minutes after waking up every day

Keep your phone away, preferably on flight mode, 30 minutes before you sleep. Use this time to read. Do the same when you wake up in the morning — Don’t see your phone until you’ve been awake for 30 minutes. Use this time for drinking water, workout and meditation.

9. Do an hour-long deep work session every day

A deep work session is a distraction-free work session which allows you to go in the state of flow. Find a place where you’re alone, put your phone in flight mode, and start working like a craftsman on whatever project you’re working on.

10. Listen to 1 episode of any self-improvement podcast every day

This is the lowest entry-barrier method to self-improvement. It doesn’t need as much will power as you need to read a book. Just use a Podcast app and listen to any one episode each day.

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This is a part of my ‘Life Academy’ series.

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