Get rid of your Facebook News Feed

You don’t need your Facebook news feed.

Step 1: Delete the Facebook app from your phone.

Step 2: Check Facebook only on the web version during your distracted times of shallow work.

Step 3: Even on the web, keep your shortcuts to a maximum of 3 most important links on Facebook.

Step 4: Eradicate your newsfeed from the web version using a plugin.

You should end up with something like below. Beauty & Bliss.

No newsfeed! :D
No newsfeed! 😀

Remember the 80/20 rule.

Stay focused.

Be minimalist.

Go deep on a few groups and friends instead of many.

Remove distractions and engage in deep work sessions instead.

Get the top 3 Chrome Extensions for Focus and Productivity.

Your Facebook newsfeed is doing you more harm than good.

Yes, I’m a marketer. And I’m asking you to get rid of your newsfeed.

Brands will find you somewhere else and so will your true friends.

Enjoy a life of FOCUS.

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