3 Stoic Meditations to Practice Everyday

1. View from Above

How to:

Zoom out of your life to your room, your city, your country, your planet, your solar system, your universe (which is only the observable universe) and then try to think about your problem.

What this does:

This puts your problem in perspective and you realize how everything is as insignificant as it gets.

2. Negative Visualization

How to:

Visualize the worst that can happen. Imaging your things, privileges, taken away from you. Imagine your own death or the death of your loved ones.

What this does:

Makes you more grateful for what you have and your attitude toward what you have changes

3. Voluntary Discomfort

How to:

Live below your means, introduce some situations of discomfort, take a cold shower in the morning.

What this does:

Makes you ready for the challenges when they really come.

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2 thoughts on “3 Stoic Meditations to Practice Everyday”

  1. well said – Voluntary discomfort is the toughest of all as it means that you are zoning out of your habit loop to create better habits! Believe it or not – I have started taking cold showers recently and in a way I am thankful that I do not waste any more water, time sitting under a hot shower.

    Frugality is a way to live, however, we as a species are always accustomed and grown to save!


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