Growth Hacking Workshop at IIT Guwahati’s Annual Entrepreneurship Fest UDGAM 2017

The IIT Guwahati Entrepreneurship Cell is a special interest group at IIT Guwahati and is responsible for activities and initiatives which would instill and promote the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst the IITG community as well as the youth of North-East India. It was an honor to be invited by them to conduct a growth hacking workshop as part of the event.

The workshop was aimed at developing the growth mindset among the entrepreneurs of the future.

Here’s the teaser video for the IIT-G workshop:

We had a great audience from IIT-G and various other colleges who had participated in the event. Rishabh explained the fundamentals of growth hacking along with a lot of examples and case studies. Here are some of the best quotes by Rishabh from the workshop.

On developing the growth mindset!



On Understanding your Target Audience



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