Highlights from the Marketing & Growth Hacking Keynote @ IGDTUW

I had the pleasure of giving the marketing and growth hacking keynote to student entrepreneurs at IGDTUW in Delhi last week. Here are the highlights of the 2-hour power-packed session with an audience full of energy and startup spirit.

Here are a few takeaways from the keynote:

Product Market Fit: This is where it all starts


Look at many growth hacking examples and derive the core methodology. Learn how to use OPNs creatively.



Buyer’s personas. Channel mapping. Campaign planning and execution. In that order.



Mapplinks focuses completely on Inbound marketing for our own B2B lead generation.



Once you understand how consumers use the channel, then start thinking about how to create a strategy that engages them.



Sales will happen if your marketing is in place.



Understand which platform works best for what type of content.


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