Learn, Share, Repeat.

This is the first post on this blog, written on 14 December 2015. The content and topics on the blog will change over time but the core idea will remain the same: To learn, share, and repeat.

I run Mapplinks, a full service digital agency, and will share my learnings and experience here. From topics like managing a business, handling projects, customers and teams, design, development, web, social media, and digital marketing. Though this is not an exhaustive scope of the blog and would expand as we go along.

For a quick background of my work, do have a look at my LinkedIn profile. To start a conversation, email me at rishabh@mapplinks.com.

This FIRST post on the blog is written from German Bakery, The Lighthouse beach, Kovalam, Kerela, India, and marks the start of a new and exciting journey of this blog!