Guide to ‎Canaguinim Beach in South Goa

‎Canaguinim Beach Not to be confused with Betul Beach. Really, sometimes even the locals do confuse the two. Many locals don’t remember the name of this beach. And for good reason: It’s limited access. The best way to reach this beach is through a river stream which flows in between a jungle. No kidding. The … Read more

Guide to Kakolem Beach in South Goa

‎Kakolem Beach I cannot get this beach out of my head. It’s my favorite beach in Goa for the hilltop views, the exclusive sunset, and the natural bath tub made from a fresh-water stream! Follow Google Maps and it’ll take you to a house which has a jeep parked outside (since years). Leave your 2-wheeler … Read more

Guide to Cola Beach in South Goa

‎Cola Beach This place hosts the wonderful combination of a beach and a lagoon, making it the most relaxing beach in Goa. You can alternate your beach swims with lagoon dips, thus cleaning the salt water and getting you ready for your next swim. The sea here is not for everyone and beginner swimmers are recommended to … Read more