Guide to Kakolem Beach in South Goa

‎Kakolem Beach

I cannot get this beach out of my head. It’s my favorite beach in Goa for the hilltop views, the exclusive sunset, and the natural bath tub made from a fresh-water stream!


Follow Google Maps and it’ll take you to a house which has a jeep parked outside (since years). Leave your 2-wheeler there and start your descent down the hill.

You can spot the beach almost as soon as you start your trek. And the views are stunning.



The best thing about this beach is a freshwater stream which forms a small waterfall and a natural bath tub!

Here’s a video tour:

Another thing to explore here is the whale skeleton. The ribs and head of a dead whale which was brought to the shore by the sea can be found at the beach restaurant there.

Where to stay and eat:

One accommodation is available on the beach.  You can identify the place by the unique entrance made of the whale ribs.

They have huts, each one with a double bed, at INR 2000. I would rather sleep on the beach.

And as usual, I prefer carrying my own food and beer.

The restaurant is expensive as the only way to transport things to the beach is climbing down the hill. A beer pint costs around INR 100 here and pastas @ INR 500. I never brought anything there.

I got my own beer (with omlette pav) and drank it on my own private bath tub near my own private beach:


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