Guide to ‎Canaguinim Beach in South Goa

‎Canaguinim Beach

Not to be confused with Betul Beach.

Really, sometimes even the locals do confuse the two.

Many locals don’t remember the name of this beach. And for good reason: It’s limited access.

The best way to reach this beach is through a river stream which flows in between a jungle. No kidding.


The second best, and the only other way, is climbing down a hilltop as steep as this:

Yes, check out my sexy legs.
Yes, check out my sexy legs.

Crossing the river is a beautiful experience and in monsoon time, you can even swim in it. This also helps alternating sea swims and river swims to get rid of all that salt.


I rate this beach very highly when it comes to my list of ‘Best Beaches to Read A Book On’.


Where to stay and eat:

Accommodation not available.

If you’re staying at Agonda, Cola, or Carmona, you can easily make a day trip to this beach.

If you’re as crazy as me, you can sleep on the beach.

Word of Advice: Carry insect repellants.

As far as eating is concerned, there are numerous coconut trees which offer a free brunch. Nothing better than a bunch of coconuts for brunch.

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