Growth Hacking Q&A


I’ve answered some of the most common Growth Hacking questions on Quora. Here’s a collection some of my best answers on growth hacking. Enjoy! 1. What is Growth Hacker Marketing? Short Answer: Growth Hacking is finding who your target audience is, identifying where they hang out and targeting them using creative campaigns on these channels. Simple … Read more

My Approach to DEEP WORK

I recently read DEEP WORK by Cal Newport. The book brings out the rules for focused success in the distracted world we live in. Deep work refers to distraction-free concentrated activities that push your cognitive capabilities to the limit. These efforts create NEW VALUE, improve your SKILL, and are HARD TO REPLICATE as opposed to … Read more

Interview Featured on EOIndia

Rishabh’s interview was recently featured on EOIndia in their 23rd Episode. Here’s a summary from the discussion: 1) How did you get your idea for this business? Before I started up on my own, I’d worked with multiple clients and agencies. Then, once bitten by the startup bug, I co-founded and consulted multiple startups. Through … Read more

Leadership lessons from Colonel McCullough of ‘War for The Planet Of The Apes’


Guess what? you can learn leadership lessons from watching movies. Here’s my takeaway from the movie ‘War for The Planet of The Apes’ Disclaimer: This lesson in leadership motivation comes from the perfect antagonist, Colonel McCullough. While Caesar preaches the amazing heart-touching slogan “APE. TOGETHER. STRONGER”, you see him rambling from his path, seeding another Koba … Read more

Entrepreneurship Lessons I Learnt On A Solo Backpacking Tour of Europe

Originally published by Rishabh Dev on Entrepreneur. Life is an adventure. Then, so is entrepreneurship. Every day is a new challenge, and with every challenge comes a new learning. There’s an abundance of things we can learn if we observe our surroundings a little more carefully. Take solo backpacking, for example. You’re on your own, in … Read more

Digital Marketers create User Personas, Growth Hackers create Channel Personas

A growth hacker thinks beyond the default marketing channel personas to get better results, with less time and money. Doubting the Default is a key characteristic of a growth mindset. While creating user personas is an essential step of a marketing strategy, traditional digital marketers tend to be blind toward exploring channel personas. It’s limit them … Read more

The Growth Hacking Dictionary


I’ve put together this growth hacking dictionary to provide a common place for the growth hacking ecosystem. Also its help to define the terms we use. As Growth Hackers, we use uber-cool, sometimes confusing, sometimes buzzword-y terminology while hustling with their growth experiments, speaking in technical marketing events, and running innovative campaigns. To ensure the … Read more

6 Social Media Marketing Lessons That Samurai Can Teach You

Originally published in the “Social media marketing” category by Rishabh Dev on AgoraPulse. Inspiration is everywhere. All that is needed is observation. For social marketers, especially, this inspiration can come from the most unsuspecting corners, like the Samurai. The Samurai principles of life, the Bushido, have always intrigued people all over the world. This unwritten … Read more

Growth Hacking Workshop at IIT Guwahati’s Annual Entrepreneurship Fest UDGAM 2017

The IIT Guwahati Entrepreneurship Cell is a special interest group at IIT Guwahati and is responsible for activities and initiatives which would instill and promote the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst the IITG community as well as the youth of North-East India. It was an honor to be invited by them to conduct a growth hacking … Read more

Growth Hacking Session at Philips

It’s always fun to speak at a corporate on Growth Hacking! We got an invite from Philips Innovation Campus, Bangalore to have Rishabh conduct a growth hacking session for their design and product teams. We love it when big companies explore growth methodologies and the interesting mix of processes overlapping with growth frameworks is a … Read more

How to Increase Conversion Rates Using Confirmation Bias for Your Brand

Originally published by Rishabh Dev on LeadSquared about the way to increase conversion rates by using confirmation bias. For nearly four decades now, Apple has attracted legions of fans who swear by every product rolling off the assembly line. So much so that its once competitor and propagator of the PC, IBM, recently came out with … Read more

The Top 3 Twitter Marketing Growth Hacks

One of the biggest challenges for Bootstrapped Businesses is figuring Low Budget avenues for lead generation and growth within the existing ecosystem of digital channels and social media platforms. While big businesses can spend big bucks on advertising. However, startups and small businesses need faster results with lower, and often no ad budgets. Growth Hacking … Read more