You don’t need your Facebook news feed.

Step 1: Delete the Facebook app from your phone.

Step 2: Check Facebook only on the web version during your distracted times of shallow work.

Step 3: Even on the web, keep your shortcuts to a maximum of 3 most important links on Facebook.

Step 4: Eradicate your newsfeed from the web version using a plugin.

You should end up with something like below. Beauty & Bliss.

No newsfeed! :D
No newsfeed! :D

Remember the 80/20 rule.

Stay focused.

Be minimalist.

Go deep on a few groups and friends instead of many.

Remove distractions and engage in deep work sessions instead.

Read the 25 principles of transformational productivity here.

Your Facebook newsfeed is doing you more harm than good.

Yes, I’m a marketer. And I’m asking you to get rid of your newsfeed.

Brands will find you somewhere else and so will your true friends. Enjoy a life of FOCUS.