For an outsider, the Japanese culture does seem a little exhausting. But when you see how this translates to everything they do, it will fascinate you.

My guest post on what entrepreneurs, or anyone for that matter, can learn from the Japanese culture has been published on iamWire. Do read it and let me know your thoughts.


Here’s a quick summary from the post:

Nihon kenchiku to inspire User Interface Design

Japanese architecture provides great inspiration for symmetry, consistency, and an excellent user interface. There’s a lot to observe and learn from their architectural styles and influences, but you need to have the ‘eye’.

Zazen your way to tranquility

Zazen commands you to suspend all judgmental thinking, it encourages you to allow ideas, words, images and thoughts pass through without letting it affect you.

Inemuri, the art of NOT sleeping

“The Japanese don’t sleep. They don’t nap. They do ‘Inemuri’.” explains Dr. Brigitte Steger, in an article on BBC future.

A whole lot of Bushido in business

Incorporating Bushido into business simply means doing everything with integrity and staying loyal.

Roll like a Sushi

Bring in new ideas and never shy away from a risk, with the right tools in place you can redefine rules.

Live and let live

They’ve learned to live and they’ve learned to adapt.

Design it the Shibori way

Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future. – Robert L. Peters

Share with me what you’ve learnt from different cultures, and how it translates to enterprising lessons. E-mail me at :)