5 Unexplored Beaches in South Goa

Here are 5 of my favorite, unexplored beaches of South Goa!


Carmona Beach

Also known as Zalor beach by the locals, this beach is great for long walks and jogging as it’s part of the longest continuous stretch of beaches in South Goa: From Velsao to Betul.  This stretch also includes the more popular Colva and Varca beaches.


I recommend walking from Carmona Beach to Varca Beach. You can observe the different shades of the fine sand and search for a beautiful sea shells on this walk.

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The only people who can find on Carmona beach are the ‘Retired Russians’. The restaurants and guest houses also cater to them.

Where to stay and eat:

You should stay at either Lobo’s Inn or Colonia Jose.

Lobo’s Inn is a homely guesthouse with the friendliest family and staff hosting and taking care of you like their own. You can get a double room under INR 1000, a great breakfast for INR 100 and 2-wheeler rentals at INR 350, all from one place. It is around 1 km from Carmona Beach.

Colonia Jose is an apartment colony with many rooms including 1 BHK and 2 BHK apartments. Some of them are run by OYO rooms. Do not expect a great service, reception, or staff here. But the swimming pool and proximity to the beach make it an attractive option. It’s just 200 meters from the beach and is the last apartment on the road before the beach starts. Talk about a great location.

You can eat at the restaurant next to the beach parking which is open all year round. A more seasonal (and cheaper) option would be the shack next to it which opens only in season time.


‎Cola Beach

This place hosts the wonderful combination of a beach and a lagoon, making it the most relaxing beach in Goa.

You can alternate your beach swims with lagoon dips, thus cleaning the salt water and getting you ready for your next swim.


The sea here is not for everyone and beginner swimmers are recommended to stay in the lagoon.

The lagoon is surrounded by coconut trees on either sides which keep the temperature of the lagoon perfect for relaxation. It is also possible to kayak in the lagoon here.


To reach Cola, you have 2 routes:

If you’re coming from South (Agonda side):


You need to leave Road 49 (MDR49) at a turn next to a house. To find this, just search for ‘Hill Top, Cola Beach’ on Google Maps and follow the directions. Do not put ‘Cola Beach’ or ‘Cola Lagoon’ as that would take you to the other road.

If you’re coming from the North (Varca side):


You need to leave Road 49 (MDR49) at Rupraj Bar to find Cola Beach. Just Look for ‘Rupraj Bar’ on Google Maps and the turn to Cola Beach is right opposite the bar. At the end of the road, from the parking, you need to take a few steps down to enter the restaurant and cross the restaurant to hit the beach.

The lagoon is easy to spot and I don’t need to explain you where that is.

Where to stay and eat:

There are a few resorts offering huts alongside the Cola lagoon though I prefer carrying my own food and beer.

The beer can be cooled in the lagoon’s fresh water. No matter how hard the sun.


‎Butterfly Beach

This beach can only be reached via a long trek through the jungle or by boat. The jungle trek is my preferred option especially because the jungle makes it really easy to get lost. And it’s even more fun considering you’ll probably be doing the trek alone especially if you choose to visit in shoulder or off-season time (like I do).

You can start the trek from inside Leopard Valley (if you’re coming from Palolem). If you have a 2-wheeler, you can take it upto a certain point before you start to walk.


If you’re coming from Agonda, you can join the same route somewhere in between (the point where the road comes and joins from Agonda can be seen on the map above)

Do carry a flashlight and be mindful of snakes and langurs. I’ve never spotted a leopard there but many villagers have.  

If you’re more on the tourist side (on the traveler-tourist scale), then you should hire the boat to the beach from Agonda Beach.

Where to stay and eat:

Accommodation not available. Camping overnight not recommended unless you want to be the lucky ones to spot a leopard too.

No restaurants or shacks available (as of October 2018; tourism can spoil this in future). Carry your own food and beers. Don’t mess with the langurs.

‎Canaguinim Beach

Not to be confused with Betul Beach.

Really, sometimes even the locals do confuse the two.

Many locals don’t remember the name of this beach. And for good reason: It’s limited access.

The best way to reach this beach is through a river stream which flows in between a jungle. No kidding.


The second best, and the only other way, is climbing down a hilltop as steep as this:

Yes, check out my sexy legs.
Yes, check out my sexy legs.

Crossing the river is a beautiful experience and in monsoon time, you can even swim in it. This also helps alternating sea swims and river swims to get rid of all that salt.


I rate this beach very highly when it comes to my list of ‘Best Beaches to Read A Book On’.


Where to stay and eat:

Accommodation not available.

If you’re staying at Agonda, Cola, or Carmona, you can easily make a day trip to this beach.

If you’re as crazy as me, you can sleep on the beach.

Word of Advice: Carry insect repellants.

As far as eating is concerned, there are numerous coconut trees which offer a free brunch. Nothing better than a bunch of coconuts for brunch.

‎Kakolem Beach

I cannot get this beach out of my head. It’s my favorite beach in Goa for the hilltop views, the exclusive sunset, and the natural bath tub made from a fresh-water stream!


Follow Google Maps and it’ll take you to a house which has a jeep parked outside (since years). Leave your 2-wheeler there and start your descent down the hill.

You can spot the beach almost as soon as you start your trek. And the views are stunning.



The best thing about this beach is a freshwater stream which forms a small waterfall and a natural bath tub!

Here’s a video tour:

Another thing to explore here is the whale skeleton. The ribs and head of a dead whale which was brought to the shore by the sea can be found at the beach restaurant there.

Where to stay and eat:

One accommodation is available on the beach.  You can identify the place by the unique entrance made of the whale ribs.

They have huts, each one with a double bed, at INR 2000. I would rather sleep on the beach.

And as usual, I prefer carrying my own food and beer.

The restaurant is expensive as the only way to transport things to the beach is climbing down the hill. A beer pint costs around INR 100 here and pastas @ INR 500. I never brought anything there.

I got my own beer (with omlette pav) and drank it on my own private bath tub near my own private beach:


And that’s how I ended my offbeat exploration of South Goa…

And you should too! 😉



Here are the 5 beaches on a map:map5


Want to follow the same itinerary in South Goa?

Get the Map here and start your offbeat Goan adventure!


If you’re looking for experiences over just beaches, here’s my list of the top 10 South Goa experiences:

1. Jogging through the long stretch of the fine white sand from Varca beach to Carmona beach.

3. ‎Trekking through the river stream from the cliff top to Canaguinim beach

2. Tubing in the Cola Lagoon and Agonda Stream

4. Bathing in the natural, fresh water bathtub at Kakolem

5. ‎Camping around the Cola Lagoon & feeding the fish in clear waters

6. ‎Doing the thrilling trek from Leopard Valley to Butterfly Beach

7. ‎Swimming in the river stream to meet the sea in Agonda

8. ‎Walking to the Kankon island from Palolem and watching the sunset over the rocks

9. ‎Getting your own sea art done (shoutout to Babu @Agonda beach)

10. Eating ‎Fresh coconuts with the locals

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