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Rishabh stays super-focused on a limited number of growth projects and works only with a handful of startups at a time. He has a team of growth marketers who work with him on all the phases of growth hacking – ideation, execution, and analytics.

📧 You can get in touch with Rishabh at for the following:

  • Growth hacking consultation
  • Speaking events and workshops
  • Startup growth roles with equity
  • Growth hacker on demand
  • Growth hacking execution and analytics

💬 For any other conversations, please email

Rishabh works along with a remote growth hacking team across the world. He has a team of growth marketers based across Europe, India, and Southeast Asia. The team believes in reducing office distractions and staying hyper-productive and focused while engaging in deep work sessions in their distraction-free working environments. They use the best tools & tech to collaborate and scale growth for the startups they engage with.

Rishabh frequents the following locations for growth hacking events or workshops. You can find the upcoming event dates as they’re announced on our Facebook group:

  1. Bangalore, India
  2. Paris, France
  3. Singapore
  4. Mumbai, India
  5. Dubai, UAE
  6. Hanoi & Saigon, Vietnam
  7. Pune, India
  8. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  9. Berlin, Germany
  10. Delhi NCR, India

If you’re looking to organize a growth hacking event or workshop in your location, you can reach out to us with a pitch on bringing growth hacking expertise to your ecosystem.

If you just wish to learn more about startup growth and get Rishabh’s latest growth hacks, follow our channels below:

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  2. Mapplinks Academy – All the free and premium growth hacking and new-age digital marketing courses by Rishabh are hosted here.
  3. Mapplinks YouTube Channel – Here you’ll find video tutorials on our latest growth hacks and startup growth insights.
  4. Rishabh’s LinkedIn Profile – A lot of interesting conversations and growth hacking resources shared by Rishabh here.

If you have any questions about one of the blogs on this website, it’s best to leave a comment on the blog rather than reaching out to Rishabh directly.

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