Khasi Language of Meghalaya: 15 Basic Words & Phrases

How to be a local in Meghalaya: Learn the Khasi Language

Here are a few things you should know before you begin learning Khasi:

  • Khasi is not the only language of Meghalaya but the majority local language there
  • English is the state (official) language of Meghalaya and many people in the city and towns can understand and speak English
  • Khasi is also the majority population of Meghalaya (Khasi people and their Khasi language)
  • As you travel offbeat and explore villages and small areas, English will become useless as most locals speak only Khasi
  • Imagine Hindi and Khmer made love and had a baby – that’s Khasi language for you
  • Khasi people are related to Khmer people (Cambodians) and this reflects in their language and sounds as well
Khasi woman

Basic Words & Phrases LIKE LOCALS

Here are 15 basic words & phrases very useful for local travel experiences:

  1. Greeting (Hello OR How are you?): Kumno? (with the response Kumne meaning I am fine / Kumno can also be used to ask How?)
  2. Please: Sngewbha (pronounced sngew bhaa)
  3. Thank you: Khublei (this can also be used as a greeting even though it means thank you)
  4. Thanks a lot: Khublei shibun
  5. Sorry: Map (pronounced maap)
  6. How much?: Katno?
  7. How much is this?: Katno kane?
  8. How much are these?: Katno kine?
  9. Where?: Shano?
  10. When?: Lano?
  11. Sir or Mr: Bah (Example: Katno kane bah?)
  12. Miss or Mrs: Kong
  13. What is the time now?: Katno baje mynta? (Examples: Katno baje mynta bah? / Katno baje mynta kong?)
  14. I am hungry: Nga lah thngan
  15. What is there to eat?: Don aiu ban bam?

Khublei Shibun!

Khasi tea shop

Khasi Tea: BONUS!

Here’s a special BONUS for tea lovers:

Use “cha dud” to ask for milk tea and “cha sao” to ask for red tea without milk.

And enjoy your tea at a local Khasi shop 🙂