As Growth Hackers, we use uber-cool, sometimes confusing, sometimes buzzword-y terminology while hustling with their growth experiments, speaking in technical marketing events, and running innovative campaigns.

To ensure the ecosystem and budding growth hackers speak the same language, here’s a glossary of terms and definitions related to the growth hacking ecosystem.

Click to get the complete dictionary PDF with the entire list of growth hacking definitions.

List of Growth Hacking Terms:

  1. PMF (Product Market Fit): Foundation of growth. When offerings and audience are in sync.
  2. Growth Experiment: A potential growth hack, currently in the experimental stage.
  3. Growth Hack: A growth experiment which has a good OMTM.
  4. Scalable Growth Hack: A growth hack with a YES output from the ESS which can also be automated using tech (bots, scripts, etc).
  5. Unicorn Growth Hacks: Exceptionally successful hacks (Not the financial unicorn). Example: Airbnb-Craigslist.
  6. OMTM (One Metric That Matters): One goal defined by a single metric which the entire startup should be working towards.
  7. NSM (North Star Metric): Same as OMTM.
  8. ESR or ESS: Sigma equation as a next step after OMTM to make it easier for us to make a YES or NO decision.
  9. User Personas: Detailed definitions of how your target audience looks.
  10. Channel Personas: Detailed definition of how your target channels look.
  11. Growth Triangle: Relationship between Patience, Budgets and Growth explaining the need for growth hacking.
  12. A3R3: The growth hacking funnel (A modification of the AARRR Pirate Metrics).
  13. Triple Peak Effect: Describes the lifetime of any channel potentially used for growth hacking in 3 phases – Early Adopters (Hacks), Early Majority (Organic), Late Majority (Paid).
  14. OPN (Other People’s Networks): Leveraging other people’s network.
  15. OPA: Leveraging other people’s audience (Similar to above).
  16. OPP: Leveraging other people’s platforms. Usually by reverse engineering APIs.
  17. O2I Hacking: Growth hacking by converting a process from Outbound to Inbound.
  18. Influence Hacking: Leveraging influence using hacks.
  19. Lean Analytics: Bare minimum tracking, reporting and analysis.
  20. A/B Testing: Comparing 2 versions to check which performs better, usually by changing one element at a time.
  21. AHA Moment: The time it “clicks”.
  22. Churn Rate: Lost customers over time, opposite of retention rate.

Click to get the complete dictionary PDF with the entire list of growth hacking definitions.