You can use any channel as a growth medium as long as you’re identified the right target audience and shortlisted channels where your target audience is active. These channels can be social networks (like Facebook, Twitter), blogging networks (like Medium, WordPress), Instant Messaging Apps (like WhatsApp, Slack) and so on.

Irrespective of the selected channel, the simple growth framework to follow is:

  1. Research and find your target audience
  2. Shortlist channels where your TA is active
  3. Implement creative experiments on the selected channels

Based on some of the most recent growth experiments we’ve been running at Mapplinks, here are the channels to try out now:

P.S. This is just an indicative list. Make sure you check Step 1 & 2 before running growth experiments on any of these channels.


Further, Here’s an extensive list of different kinds of channels where you can run growth experiments:


Some of my favorite growth hacking channels are below:


If you’re looking for more growth hacking channels customised for your startup, product or service or for any growth hacking consultation, feel free to contact me at