Originally published by Rishabh Dev on Medium.


I’m not in a hurry, and I don’t need to be on your newsfeed.


Part 1: Die on the beach

Let me start by telling you the difference between me and Jack Ma. Apart from the net worth figures, of course!

Jack Ma ‘prefers to die on the beach than at work table in Alibaba’ while I prefer to live on the fu*kin beach.

And I don’t want to regret spending this only life trying to catch people’s attention while they’re wasting their breaths on their brain-gluing newsfeeds, or trying to make them buy stupid sh*t they don’t need through my trendy, new e-commerce app.

Jack Ma’s recent statements describe the future realisations of many entrepreneurs of today who’ve been fed content about how ‘getting people’s attention by hooking them onto their shiny device screens’ is going to make them rich, and the world a better place.

⋅   ⋅   ⋅

Part 2: Jab Jab Jab Right Hook

We’re a generation of young entrepreneurs following masters of hustle who ‘day trade attention’ by ‘jabbing’ people until it’s time for their ‘right hook’. And by the said time, the brain of the receiver has been re-wired with new habit hoops and addictions they’re completely unaware of.

Smartphones are making people less smarter and smart marketers are using this lack of smartness to sell their products which are supposed to make people smarter, only to make them less smarter.

On that note, let’s re-target and re-market that sh*t.

⋅   ⋅   ⋅

Part 3: Make a dent in the universe

We’re the generation of engineers destroying nature, techies making people dumber, marketers making people addicted, and humans filling the ocean with plastic.

Bravo. We have, indeed, made a dent in the universe.

And guess what? The universe is not happy.

⋅   ⋅   ⋅

I’ve joined the anti-hustle, the lean team, and adopted the minimalist entrepreneur mindset.

Here’s a small list of 13 things you’re doing which are probably not making the world a better place, neither is it making you more productive:

  1. Sharing hustle quotes on your feed
  2. Replying to every 10-second Snapchat f*ck
  3. Checking all your Instagram DMs
  4. Posting your life on your Insta story
  5. Trolling your peers on Facebook posts
  6. Replying to every email you receive
  7. Designing t-shirts with your name on them
  8. Creating addictive, habit loop based apps and products
  9. Staying on top of your emails all the time
  10. Building apps because it’s cool
  11. Losing sleep trying to pursue your goals
  12. Keeping Facebook Messenger open all the time
  13. Selling your soul to the hustle.