Rishabh Dev is an unconventional entrepreneur, digital marketer and growth hacker who builds and grows businesses creatively. He is the Managing Director at Mapplinks, the first mover’s digital marketing agency and the Mapplinks Academy, India’s first agency-integrated live project based digital marketing academy.

Rishabh’s first startup was in 2009 where he started working with 50+ professionals from marketing, content, design and development backgrounds, which led him to incorporate Mapplinks. Mapplinks has been listed in the top 25 most promoting digital marketing consultants of 2016 providing client cutting edge and first mover’s digital marketing services. Rishabh’s vision to leverage unconventional, emerging and creative channels and methodologies in marketing help clients get an edge over their competitors.

Rishabh is also a prolific public speaker, delivering keynotes at leading business schools, incubators, co-working spaces, investment groups and startup meetups and events. Rishabh talks about growth hacking, digital marketing, startup growth, new age marketing in these talks. Use this form to connect with Rishabh on speaking arrangements.

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Let's connect on rishabh@mapplinks.com for speaking arrangements & consultation sessions.